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  1. I didn't ever say map changes are impossible, I just said they're expensive. Your suggestions included making the server more roleplay oriented.
  2. You guys simply just dont understand, Purge always had a unique identity, it was a advert to server that you could just fuck around on. And every 35 minutes a purge would start allowing you to kill as many people as you want. Making purge a serious rp would mean losing it's original identity. Map changes are very expensive, I mean very since you haven't gotten it yet after at least 4 people told you. The biggest problem is that purge got this update but then got no players from it. If AFK is an issue then just get 10 staff members on and you might get players, I've seen at least 10 of them poking around the forums every once and a while.
  3. Not really relevant for me to just pop in, but that's a pretty low blow, for someone trying to argue a reason for something to be reverted you seem pretty ignorant.
  4. I'm gonna get all these rewards, then I can flex my collection.
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