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  1. +1 active good trooper
  2. Accepted this person will be banned from the server for a week
  3. @Noob The Weeaboo I added him
  4. Accepted Congratulations on your new rank
  5. Accepted This user will be banned for threat of ddose
  6. lol same yea sorry ali but no
  7. ACCEPTED Congrats on your promotion Get a SM + to add you in game
  8. I will be back on Friday or Saturday
  9. simba u unfriended me on steam add me back
  10. Name: Sanders The minimum time of the LOA: 5 days The maximum time of the LOA: 9 days Specific Reason?: When i went on vacation and came home I wanted a little more time before i got on cause i have to put away all my stuff Then i have to go to camp for a week but il be in game for 2 days then this loa will be active
  11. @Rossinson
  12. @Sherman Sorry sir wont do it again set him to trial staff please
  13. Accepted You have passed the interview, Welcome to the staff team! @Sherman
  14. Interview Stage You are now moving onto the Interview Stage, Please hop in Teamspeak and go to the waiting for interview Channel
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