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  1. I'm extremely sorry for being unable to reply to the thread, I had some temporary issues, just to get this over with, I'll choose Redwood Original.
  2. In Game Name: Xeno Synthesis Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:119161861 Age: 16 Will you come in TeamSpeak? : Yes. Have you been apart of any other Organizations? : No other server Organizations. I've been in my own Org. What is your honest reason to join us? : I want to join a group that has a certain control over the actual gameplay. If you're playing as a default job, it's hard not to get beaten up by the dank ass Grim Wolves or the depressed Jaffas. Therefore, I want to join the Grim Wolves and gangbang with you boys. Read our rules: Yes. Joined the steam group http://steamcommunity.com/groups/SEVEN777777#: Yes. Are you as fire as Rambo? : Yes. What are your specialties? : I'm good at control fire, shotgunning, sniping, scouting areas, defending and attacking. What charter are you applying for? : Both. "If anyone recommended you, The President & Officers will know."
  3. Hmx LocoModThief

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