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  1. Denied ------------------------------------------ Too much negative feedback. -------------------------------------------
  2. Denied Too much negative feedback
  3. Neutral
  4. He poked me in ts of his app so -1
  5. He has a point there isn't much active people in pd if he comes back they will be reduced crime? my opinion
  6. LOA TEMPLATE: Name: HomemadeRiver76 The minimum time of the LOA: idk The maximum time of the LOA Specific Reason?: my computer just broke I have to get a brand new one its going to take a while @Rossinson @Savage ross and savage please put me on LOA
  7. idk what you sent me but have a nice day.
  8. Giving my side of the story.
  9. This is all false I was at gastation I see him swerve in a pole NOTHING WAS THERE told him to get out of the car UNARMED I read him he's rights and told him what I was charging him for and when I got to the pd garage I called a medic he came down there and said he was bleeding I took him to the hospital when he got out I charged him for reckless driving then when I was taking him down he ltaped and should be banned
  10. -1 threating to sue me because I was arresting him for reckless driving saying it was a ticket and when I was taking him to jail he LTAPED witch was 8/7/2017 and committed a crime so should be denied . and banned
  11. Don't delete our rosters next time you get salty
  12. Sorry to say this but all the shit you've done to state police is unacceptable and you are blacklisted permanently from state police have a nice day.
  13. If you are applying for the LT spot you cannot -1 or +1 them so john peppers sugar drew Mack. c
  14. Application Accepted -------------------------------- working yourself up ! ---------------------------------
  15. What is your name?: HomemadeRiver76 Name of the reported staff member(s): TheAncGamer What is their rank?: Admin The reported Staff Member(s) Forum Profile URL: could not find it Server MethRP What are you accusing them of?: Please explained what happened?: Yesterday Ancgamer was blacklisted from State Police and the nest morning he threatened to come in are dispatch channel and scream ni##er in it. after he seen the abuse report he came in are ts and said this. Evidence (required): What punishment do you best see fit?: this wasn't the first time this happened demote to mod for 1 week
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