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  1. Name:Rick Roberts Rank:Officer Call Sign:8 India 17
  2. looks cool
  3. the shop is way to overpriced....... but other than that its good.
  4. Get better computers lol
  5. Yes a new map would be nice...I have had a lot of requests from regular players the other day but oh well I guess....that map we were on was nice.....
  6. Thanks for fixing the problems with the server @Dab @Sgt.Val
  7. We should get fishing on MethRP
  8. Yay i'm glad that we are back to Rockford.
  9. Thanks Val
  10. Why did you unfollow me m8



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. DankArmy


      im still confused how were not married .... depressing


    3. Rick Roberts
    4. DankArmy


      Super depressing


  11. Looks good
  12. Looks good but will probably cause problems with scamming kinda like the gun dealer class used to be
  13. Fuck yes this song is amazing and SlaveRP just isn't the same without it @Sgt.Val
  14. DENIED jk I don't even know who you are
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