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    Queer for years!!!
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    I enjoy hating the world!

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  1. Name:Rick Roberts Reason for LOA: Family issues and computer is broken. LOA start:7/9/17 LOA end:8/10/17
  2. +1 Active never had problems with him
  3. .
  4. +1 awesome guy does job really active
  5. Name: Rick Roberts Server: MethRP Rank: Admin Favorite Memory On Defcon: Too m any to list
  6. +1 -Active -Great guy -Knows rules/Enforces them well
  7. +1 -good guy -knows and enforces rules well -would make a great admin
  8. -1 can"t even post his own app and have had problems with him before
  9. hi
  10. +1 seems to be active I've never had a problem with him before
  11. -1 never seen in-Game haven't seen on teamspeak either
  12. IM HERE
  13. +1 active in game and on TS He's good at his job
  14. Fix the Chain of Command (COC) immediately or this will be automatically denied
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