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    • Do you understand we withhold the right to terminate your staff rank for any reason at anytime?:
    • Do you understand that you cannot be staff on ANY other Garry's Mod servers, If you are found lying you will recieve a blacklist from staff, and possible ban:
    • Do you understand that you will need to change your steam name so that it resebles you are part of Defcon and what rank you are. It will look like this: [DN] Sherman [D]
    • Anything extra:
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    • What rank were you:
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    • I __(Your name)__understand that apon my return to the staff team I will be set to a rank one lower than what I used to be. I also understand that it is my responsibility to know all of the rules and new standards that may have been set while I was gone. Nobody is to blame but myself if I do not know any of these new rules or standards and can be demoted for an infraction to them.
    • Anything extra:
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    • Server
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    • What punishment do you best see fit?:
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Found 2 results

  1. I CURRENTLY CAN NOT FIND rp_catalyst_v3b. Please give me a link or something because I cannot join my friend.
  2. Hey guys. I love Defcons' servers, and one of the things I'm having a little bit of frustration with is the SlaveRP server.. Unfortunately, when I join the server, I go through the normal download process (Quicker now as it recognizes the addons), but when I get to the swep_smokenade addon my game will freeze for a bit in the loading screen, and eventually crash to desktop without an error.. I've wanted to know how to fix this and if anyone else has the problem. I definitely love SlaveRP and sadly Defcons' server is one of the only populated SlaveRP servers out there, so this is important to me. Many thanks, bat