SomeOneMicCat's Ban Appeal

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What is your in-game name?: Hue G. Rection

What server are you banned from?: PoliceRP

What staff member banned you?: Panda SKRT

Why were you banned?: i was supposedly banned for "MasMassRDM , LTAP" but i never killed someone without an RP reason. I think what happened is that my friends, we are also in a org, were lock-picking a car the owner came back shot them and i shot back killing him. I saw him typing but before i could walk back a murderer(VIP) came at me and killed me i then re-spawned and crashed(Low memory for Gmod haven't fixed it yet) since i had to do some stuff in the morning I just went to bed. Next morning i find out i was banned and the timer showed that i was banned at 10:36 i left at 10:05 so i would like an Appeal for the unreasonable ban

Why should we over-turn your ban?: It was a false ban read the why, thank you.

Recording of the incident? - [NOT REQUIRED]: do not have

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You have now been unbanned. Thank you, once again sorry for any inconvenience or issues you had during the situation. 

- DefconGaming Management

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