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  • PoliceRP 911 Alerts are now working properly again.
  • SantosRP Cosmetic sound & texture bugs have been fixed.
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PurgeRP Changelog - 8/7/2019

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PurgeRP Update!



  • Added New Money Printers
    • These printers are much better and are way cooler to use
    • Each printer take 60 seconds per print
    • The Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, and Diamond printers all require to upkeep ink and make sure it doesn't overheat
    • The Lazy Money Printer doesn't require any upkeep
    • VIP and Supporter Printers don't overheat but do require ink upkeep
    • All printers have a max storage of $100,000 except the VIP and Supporter Printers. VIP has $250,000 max and Supporter has $500,000 max.
    • There are 7 Money Printers total
      • Sapphire Money Printer ($1,500 per print)
      • Emerald Money Printer ($2,000 per print)
      • Ruby Money Printer ($2,500 per print)
      • Diamond Money Printer ($3,000 per print)
      • Lazy Money Printer (This requires no work to upkeep, but has a low profit - $1000 per print)
      • VIP Money Printer ($5,000 per print)
      • Supporter Money Printer ($15,000 per print)
    • Spoiler



  • Added Opium Manufacturing
    • This system is something that has been requested for a while now and is finally being added.
    • The sell price of opium varies on how much you chemicals you use in the batch
    • To sell the opium, currently you just have to press E on the final product. (This will most likely be changed in the future to work with our drug dealer NPC)
    • Here are the steps to make Opium
      • 1. You purchase a heater.
        2. Purchase gas and place the bottles on the heater.
        3. Buy a barrel.
        4. Place some water, codeine, sulfate and papaverine. (note everyone need to be above 1%)
        5. Place it on the heater.
        6. Let it stay until it turn green.
        7. Buy some empty bottles, and touch the green barrel with the bottles.
        8. You will gain 10 filled bottles.
        9. Buy a packer, put the filled bottles in to it, when it is full (5 bottles), press e on it.
        10. Now you have packed opium, find a npc dealer, place the pack next to him and press e on him.
        11. You get money based on how well made the opium is, based on amount of ingreedents.
    • Spoiler




  • Changed Welcome Board Design
    • Spoiler




Please private message me if you find any issues with this update.

Reply to this topic with anything that you like about this changelog!

Profits of the systems added will be balanced over the course of the next couple weeks if needed.

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after like 2 year we finally get some good printers (or atleast new ones)

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Very nice. Thanks for the hard work and dedication towards the server! Can’t wait to try out these new systems. 

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I like the new printers. Haven't tried making opium yet.

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Really wanna try those printers on other servers 😉 cough cough “police rp”


@Sgt.Val @Dab

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why did you nerf the supporter printer tho

makes me big sad

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On 8/7/2019 at 2:11 AM, Dab said:

Added Opium Manufacturing


The opium not so great from what I've seen but the printers are pretty darn good!

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