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SantosRP Rules


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Rule Expansion - 10/24/2018


Added General Rules 25-1, 25-2, 25-3 and 37-4, 37-4:1, 37-4:2.


25. Meta Gaming is not permitted at all. You may not use Out of Character info for In Character information.

  1. "Knowing" somebody's name due to their face, playermodel, or voice is not valid. You must have them buddied, have had a roleplay interaction with them, or have seen their ID Card to be able to identify them in a situation.
  2. Using the tab menu, job names/colors (HUD displayed over players), or any non-roleplay tactic to identify someone is metagaming.
  3. Using a seperate TeamSpeak, Steam Chat, Discord Call, etc. while in-game is considered metagaming.


37-4. Automatically skipping to combat in a simple, peaceful roleplay situation is FailRP.

  1. You may not initiate on an officer in a Traffic Stop unless it is a Felony Stop.
  2. You may not initiate on someone who is attempting to roleplay without using weapons or threats. (Wow, what an interesting concept!)


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Rule Update - 11/6/2018


Added Gang Rules 7 and 8,

7. You may not hire another gang member via contract system or through roleplay for PMC or Security work. This is still cross ganging.

8. Gang Wars must be accepted by leaders of two gangs. Once a gang war is accepted, members between either gang have a reduced mug/raid cooldown from 15 minutes to 10 if they are going against the rival gang.

8.1 Gang Wars must be publicly advertised in-game and displayed on the in-character forums as well as on gang teamspeak channels.

8.2 Gang Wars may only last 1 week maximum. Cooldown between wars is 3 weeks, meaning the same two gangs cannot fight a war with each other right after until the cooldown is over.

8.3 You may not affect the civilians. If a fight breaks out, gangs must do their best to leave innocents out of the fight unless they pose a threat.


Added Greenzone

  • Misfit Tower

Misfits may not do anything illegal or base inside the tower. All greenzone rules above still apply.


Edited General Rule 12

You must value your life at all costs. This includes all Fear RP factors.

  1. If you have a gun or weapon aimed at you, you must roleplay fear and comply with the demands of the player. This is not valid if you are at a reasonably far distance. Note that Fear RP still applies even if you are in a car with your engine on and within a reasonable distance.

  2. If you are driving at a reasonably fast speed (Over 70 MPH) Fear RP will not apply. Police do not have to comply when inside a MARKED POLICE VEHICLE and already moving at a high speed.

  3. FearRP is void when shots begin to be fired at DIRECTLY at you in a situation. This means you are allowed to shoot back if you still have the chance.

  4. Reasonable Distance:



Edited General Rule 15

15. Snipers may only be used within a reasonable distance (145m maximum) of the roleplay zone, and must be adverted before use. (Cops are only exempt from this when there is a hostage or a situation that calls for a sniper, However civiliians/gang members must advert any use of a sniper.)

If a sniper is adverted, the sniper must be using a sniper rifle.

(145m example is from the plaza crosswalk to the tunnel edge)



Removed General Rule 34 and Gang Rule 3 - Marked as Useless

34. Body dragging is a bannable offense AS WELL AS an arrestable one incase a staff member is not online. This is done when a tased player is dragged around.

Body dragging has been disabled in past updates.


3. Gang members may join EMS.

EMS is not a whitelistable faction that costs a roleplay life.

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Rule Changes 11/8/2018


Expanded General Rule 44

         2. Roleplaying as a homeless person is valid.



Expanded Misfit Greenzone Rule

Misfit Tower

  • Misfits members may not:

    • Use drones while sitting inside the tower.

    • Manufacture/grow drugs.

    • Craft anything illegal.

    • Participate in any illegal activity.

    • Base within the tower.

    • Misfit owns the building, which means they can still remove you from their property if trespassing.

  • The Tower is not meant to be a base for Misfits. All members are expected to buy a separate property to base.

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