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PoliceRP - Changelog - 9/20/2019

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Sorry for the server being locked all day yesterday our host company shut down during mid-update and we could not unlock the server since we were all offline and
did not know when the hosting company was going to bring the servers back online.



  • New Kevlar Armor System


    • You can purchase two types on armor from the Gun Dealer Tactical Armor and Light Body Armor
    • Armor Skill & Armor Regen skills have been removed
    • Cops can buy the new armor in the armory room before starting there patrol


  • SWAT Breaching Shotgun
    • SWAT can now blow down doors with a shotgun if you have a warrant on your property

  • Jewelry Robbing is now updated 
    • Become a Criminal and buy the equipment to rob the jewelry store
    • 3 cops need to be online to rob it



  • Car dealer has been Updated


    • Plenty of new features  New UI, Undergrow Feature, NOS Upgrades,
    • You may sell your old Vehicles at the old NPC
    • You can no longer purchase cars from the old NPC




  • Drug Dealer is spawned in the Correct Location
  • Fixed bad lag issue that happens when pressing F4 
  • Fix cocaine battery problem




  • Vehicles are now significantly cheaper
  • Jewelry Shop also has a robbable NPC 




  • Armor & Armor Regen Skill Points
    • We decide our new kevlar system would be a better choice for the player to have buyable armor rather than just earning it by skill points.


  • Unused Cars
    • Removed TDM Ferrari Pack
    • Removed SGM Police Interceptor (The Vehicle caused a lot of lag issues ) 
    • Removed a lot of vehicles that were a single download and it is just not worth keeping on the server.

  • Cleanup
    • Removed a bunch of content from 2016-2017
    • Join times are now 1-2 Minutes faster
    • Client Lag seems to be better as well

Please private message me if you find any issues with this update.

Reply to this topic with anything that you like about this changelog!


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Can't wait to play it. But what will happen to those who have these skills maxed out? 

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If we reset our skill points, we get the extra skill points that we had in our Armor/Armor Regen skills

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Pleaseee add that armor system to santos, It would improve RP so much

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