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CloneWarsRP Rules

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These rules are subject to change at anytime. Keep an eye on these.

Last updated: 9/19/2019



  • Staff
    • The term staff refers to members of the community who have been elevated to volunteer or paid for service in order to enforce server rules or help members of the community with server related issues.    
  • In-Character
    • The term In-Character is used to define roleplay or actions that are considered as part of a character in a fictional environment (In this case, Star Wars: The Clone Wars) that is in some form different from an individual’s real personality.
  • Arrest On Sight (AOS)
    • Arrest On Sight, more commonly referred to as AOS, is the practice of ordering people to be arrested due to them breaking an in-character rule. Officers have the ability to call an AOS, although lower ranks may call Shock Troopers on those breaking crimes as well, albeit without the authority to order they be arrested. Shock may investigate cases before carrying out the AOS order.
  • AOS Area
    • AOS Areas are defined as any area of the base marked as off limits via a text sign, as well as claimed areas like in-use sim rooms and battalion bunks. AOS Areas not marked with a text sign require an individual to be warned before being AOSed for being in the AOS Area.
  • Simulation
    • A simulation room is defined as one of the following areas of the base:
      • Citadel Sim Room (SIMA), and the Empty Sim Room (SIMB). These are collectively referred to as “Sim Rooms”.
      • Aux Room A, B, C, D, (AUX#) are known as "Outdoor Sim Rooms" (These are the buildings across from the outdoor hangars closest to the gate.)
    • A simulation is defined as a combat scenario that within roleplay is simulated to prevent actual death. Simulations allow Republic personnel to attack, injure, and kill each other, but only so long as the simulation is ongoing. Simulations are signified with “Sim start” or “sim end” to denote whether the simulation is ongoing or not. Outside of simulation rooms, and within simulation rooms that do not have an active sim, in-character rules apply.
  • Training
    • A training is defined as any activity a battalion does that attempts to improve their group in some way. Trainings may be carried out throughout the base.
  • Tryout
    • A tryout is defined as a process where a battalion attempts to recruit CTs. This process may be different depending on the Battalion
  • Officers
    • An officer is defined as anyone holding the rank of Clone Second Lieutenant or a Republic Command Ensign.
  • Power-gaming
    • Power gaming is defined as actions in roleplay (/me) that directly affect another and/or do something that is not a feature on our server to another user. Examples: /me knocks you out, /strips weapons and comms, /me climbs this wall. All of these actions should be roleplayed out. 



Terms used in the rules and defined.


Staff Punishment Definitions

  • Minge/Minging:
    • The act of being troublesome or intentionally breaking rules in order to cause chaos and disorder on the server and/or annoyance to its player base. This may include intentionally breaking In-character rules (see FailRP), or server rules like mic spamming and RDM.
  • Random Death Match (RDM)
    • Random Death Match, which is more commonly referred to as RDM, is the act of killing other players without any justification. A death from another player is considered RDM when there were no grounds to kill the player. Examples of this can include killing a player outside of an active sim, intentionally killing a player in an event, or killing someone that blocks a doorway because you wanted to go around them.
  • Spamming
    • Spamming may refer to mic spamming, chat spamming, emote spamming or a combination of all three.
    • Mic spamming is when an individual or group of individuals use their mic to continuously or rapidly speak in a manner that is unbefitting of a roleplay environment.
    • Chat Spamming is when an individual or group of individuals repeatedly and rapidly sends chat messages over any avenue of communication on the server, like /ooc, /comms, or any other chat channel.
    • Emote Spamming is when an individual or group of individuals repeatedly and rapidly emotes and/or performs /me commands over and over again.
  • FailRP
    • The act or event your character performs that would not be probable or reasonable in the environment he or she is in. Some examples include: Receiving RC to ban a player from a simulation
    • Proning/crouching around the ship without just cause.            
    • Intentionally putting your life in danger during passive periods.    
    • Saying you have a disease or disorder. This does not include physical injuries.
    • Dancing/emoting while moving around.
  • Bunny Hopping / Bhop:
    • Bunnyhopping: Consecutive jumps in a row while moving. If they are jumping every few seconds, that too is considered Bunnyhopping and is an arrestable offence.
    • Jumping on the spot: Not considered Bhopping, as they may be doing jumping jacks.   
  • Harassment
    • Harassment is defined as repeated unwanted verbal abuse towards an individual. Harassment may result in a permanent ban.
  • Disrespect
    • Disrespect is defined as offensive language (including racism) or actions towards an individual or group of people. Disrespect can range in punishment from a jail to a permanent ban.
  • Advertising
    • Advertising is defined as drawing attention to another community, to an application, or to another service/product. Advertising another community or a service/product will result in a permanent ban. Advertising an application will result in denial of the application.
    • This includes inviting or encouraging players to play on another community, offering perks/ranks to go to that community, or mentioning the other community repeatedly. Thisis a permanent ban.
  • Exploiting
    • Exploiting is defined as knowingly using bugs, glitches, cheats, or software to gain an advantage over other players. This may include using third party software, using a known bug, or finding an unknown bug and hiding it to use to your advantage.
  • Inappropriate Content
    • Inappropriate Content is defined as anything said, posted, linked, or described in an out of character manner. This mainly includes sexual content, but can be expanded to include gore, malicious links, and private information (private information being a user's personal information, IE anti doxing rule)




Rules that must be followed at all times


  1. Do not RDM.    
  2. Do not spam.
  3. Do not harass or disrespect others.
  4. Do not advertise or leech.   
  5. Do not exploit.
  6. Do not post or engage in inappropriate content.
  7. Do not minge or Fail Roleplay.
  8. In-game currency may not be sold or traded for real life items, currency or credits                        
  9. If a staff member finds what you're doing unreasonable, you must stop, whether it is explicitly stated on the rules or not.    
  10. Do not complain about decisions made by staff in-game or in Global Chat, instead, make a report/appeal on the forum.    
  11. Do not avoid any punishment given by staff by any means    
  12. Powergaming is not allowed.
  13. Try to stay in-character as much as possible in roleplay oriented areas of the server.
  14. Names must be player appropriate and must not be lore character names, nor ranks from the current Star Wars Universe. Staff have discretion on what is and is not appropriate.
  15. No porn/NSFW content, illegal garbage, ear rape garbage, racist garbage, erotic garbage or star wars related movie/show spoilers.




Breakdown of all class roles and duties.



  1. Never assault an innocent/ally. If someone begins assaulting you or another innocent, you are allowed to defend them/yourself.
  2. Do not enter other battalions bunks without permission from a member of that battalion. The battalion's officers can remove you from the bunk. This does not apply to Shock when searching bunks for a wanted individual.
  3. Listen to anyone that holds an officer rank (or equivalent) regardless of their battalion.
  4. Do not point your weapon at other people unless you intend to shoot them.
  5. Do not disrespect/talk down on other people/battalions.    
  6. Any breach of Character Rules will result in a warning or an arrest by a Shock Trooper (ST).
  7. Those in positions of authority may not order others to break server rules.
  8. Personnel are not to enter AOS areas without the correct rank, doing so can result in an arrest by STs.    
  9. At no point is anyone allowed to create an Uprising/Riot of any form.
  10. You may join multiple battalions on different characters.
    1. You may only have one character above the rank of officer.
  11. Do not turn off/destroy ship modules for any reason. Doing so may result in an arrest, warn, or ban, as different modules carry different punishments.



  1. Clones are encouraged to join battalions, but cannot make their own.
    1. Squadrons can be made but are not enforced in lore or missions.
  2. Battalions are to have a maximum of three executive officers (XOs).



  1. On planet, Republic Command, Commanders, and Officers work together to command the ground forces. Republic Command may not necessarily be in a command capacity during these instances. It is up to the Republic Command and Officers present to work this out.
    1. Republic Command Admirals do hold authority over battalions.


  1. May arrest those who break in character rules.
  2. Must always put the exact reason the clone was arrested in their arrest messages.
  3. Must always warn to stop first unless the offence is severity 4. The only exceptions are: Jumping into moonpool, AOS area violation and debrief misconduct. 
  4. If an individual is arrested, a member of the next highest ranking group may bail them.
  5. Senators may bail/pardon individuals for free.



  1. Wookies are allowed to assist in combat and use weaponry. They hold no authority.
  2. Astromech droids cannot use weaponry of any kind. Their primary function is to hack into technology in RP, repair tech panels or ships, and heal people.    
  3. Wookies and Astromechs may "attach" themselves to a battalion by getting an officer’s permission to do so.
    1. Wookies can only attach to 41st and 327th.



Things that you can and cannot do during an event

  1. An individual may opt out of an event if they do not wish to participate, but may not actively attempt to stop the event outside of roleplay. No one can be forced to sit out of an event.
  2. VIP's who play event characters must do as the Event Handler asks and cannot minge/mic spam/etc.    



Rules that must be followed during Simulations.

  1. Officers may claim any simulation room. (AUX Rooms & SIM Rooms A & B)
  2. Simulations may only take place in a simulation room.
  3. When starting a simulation, if players are in the room in which you wish to start the simulation, you must announce the purpose of the simulation and allow players 1 minute to leave.    
  4. Simulations must not be started with the intention to kill a specific person/group(s) of people. A simulation can not be used to justify RDM.    
  5. Trainings may be done in any area of the ship appropriate for the training. These areas may not be claimed by battalions, as only Simulation Rooms may be claimed for private battalion use.    
  6. Tryouts may only be held in any Simulation Room, as well as in battalion bunks.
  7. Players cannot host simulations with the intention of making profit in the form of in game currency or items. Some examples include: Receiving Credits to ban a player from a simulation, receiving Credits to change a simulations rules or receiving Credits to unban a player from a simulation.
    1. Prizes for Simulations are not included in this rule.
    2. Prizes for Simulations must be approved by staff.



Procedures you need to know when a Debrief is called.

  1. Opening: Upon entering Debrief, stand at a chair and wait for the call to salute and sit down. 
    1. If you need to go AFK, you may take your seat.
  2. Commander & Officer PTS: An individual from each battalion may move to the stage for PTS.   
  3. Promotions: Officers and Republic Command may go up and promote battalion members.   
  4. Closing Remarks: Tip of the day (optional) and dismissal from debrief.    
  5. Optional Gamemaster PTS: A chance to talk with the GM directly to provide feedback and/or give praise.

You must seek Republic Command permission to leave debrief early.


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