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CloneWarsRP Changelog - 9/28/2019

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  • 2 New Clone Regiments
    • 21st Nova Corps - Galactic Marines
      • 21st Trooper
      • 21st Marksman
      • 21st Officer
      • 21st Commander Bacara
      • 21st Jedi General Ki Adi Mundi
    • Republic Commandos - Delta Squad
      • Boss
      • Fixer
      • Sev
      • Scorch


  • The Jedi Order is now available for T2/T3 VIP Ranks.
    • Lore Jedi Interviews will be conducted by contacting @Sour, MUST have a microphone and have previous Jedi/leadership experience.
    • Default Jedi Order Classes:
      • Jedi Master
      • Jedi Consular
      • Jedi Guardian
      • Jedi Knight
      • Jedi Padawan
      • Jedi Initiate
      • Jedi Youngling
    • Jedi can also link to a clone regiment upon reaching the rank of Jedi Knight. Here are the available regiments a Jedi can link to:
      • 21st Nova Corps
      • 41st Green Company
      • 104th Wolfpack Battalion
      • 212th Attack Battalion
      • 327th Star Corps
      • 501st Legion
      • Doom's Unit
      • Shock Troopers
      • Republic Medics


  • Lore Characters have been added.
    • 501st ARC Troopers Echo and Fives
      • 150HP/125ARM Default
    • 212th Troopers Waxer and Boil
      • 125HP/75ARM Default
    • Jedi Generals for various battalions.
      • 104th Jedi General Plo Koon
      • 41st Jedi General Luminara Unduli
      • 212th Jedi General Obi Wan Kenobi
      • 501st Jedi General Anakin Skywalker
      • 21st Jedi General Ki Adi Mundi
      • 327th Jedi General Aayala Secura
      • Doom's Unit Jedi Generals Tiplee and Tiplar


  • Astromech jobs have been expanded.
    • VIP T1+ can now request to be an Astromech on their alternate character.
    • Astromechs are basically support classes and can be linked to regiments.
      • Can be linked to 327th, Medical, Pilots, Republic Command.
      • Each link has various benefits. (Ex: Medical and RC Astromechs can heal players, 327th Astromechs have grapples.)


  • Wookies are available.
    • VIP T1+ can now request to be a Wookie on their alternate character.
    • Wookies must stay under the supervision of 327th of 41st.


  • Added new vehicles.
    • 41st now has AT-RTs available for use.
    • Pilots now have LAAT-Cs.


  • Regiment Subclasses
    • 327th ARC Trooper
    • 104th ARC Trooper
    • ARC Trainee
    • 41st Ranger


  • New Gamemaster Tools
    • New Event Items
    • New General Tools
    • New Event Characters




  • Common Areas / Lounges
    • Adept lounge is now restricted to VIP T1+
    • Default lounge now has a bank storage NPC.
    • Both lounges got a makeover.


  • Crystal Vendor
    • New cosmetics have been added to Crystal Vendor
      • Rustic Pauldron
      • Gunslinger Bandolier
      • ARC Pack


  • Republic Trader
    • Various cosmetics and items added to stock.
      • Chestplate
      • Bacta Pack
      • Suicide Blaster - Wipes your character completely after use.


  • Crafting Update
    • Gun Smithing has been expanded all the way to Level 20.
      • More guns to be added at a future date.
        • DC-15X
        • DC-19
        • DC-19LE
        • Z-6
        • S-5c
        • Hunter Shotgun
    • Crafting Tables have been expanded a bit.
      • Light Armor
        • Gives 50% Armor
      • Heavy Armor
        • Gives 100% Armor
      • Bacta Stims
        • Restores health on use
      • Ammo Boxes
        • Gives you ammo.
      • Craftable Cosmetics
        • Bandolier
        • Master Crafter Badge




  • Fixed Ammo dropping on death.


  • Fixed 501st Heavy not spawning with armor buff.




  • ARC Default Health/Armor Changed
    • 125 Health changed to 150 Health
    • 75 Armor Changed to 125 Armor


  • All Commanders Health/Armor Changed
    • 150 Health changed to 175 Health
    • 100 Armor changed to 150 Armor


  • 501st / 327th Loadouts


  • All Medics now spawn with one Self-Bacta Stim


  • Medical Officers and Medical Commanders spawn with handcuffs.


Please private message me if you find any issues with this update.

Reply to this topic with anything that you like about this changelog!

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very nice update


can we get some props in the interrogation room when possible as well

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