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Faraway's Ban Appeal

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What is your in-game name?: Faraway Ochoa

What server are you banned from?: SantosRP

What staff member banned you?: giuseppe parmesan

Why were you banned?: reason chow

How long were you banned for?: permanently

Why should we over-turn your ban?: so basically I want to come back to gmod because i had lots of fun of here and a let some kid mess it up for me and i just wanna come back

Recording of the incident? - [NOT REQUIRED]: no

Anything else?: unban me from ts also pls

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What's the reason on your ts ban, also ill talk to cookie about the ig ban

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We’re sorry but your appeal is being denied due to the fact that you did something you can't come back from according to the directors. Thank you, and sorry for any inconvenience or issues you had during the situation. 

- DefconGaming Management

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