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Community Rank Structure

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Community Owner

Sgt.Val - Literal Owner, pays the bills.

  • Deals with major issues

  • Does not deal with small issues such as ban appeals, ban requests, or staff abuse

  • Deals with daily operations of community and servers

  • Do not message Owners unless you have stressed every other option



Community Co-Owner

  • Deals with issues before they reach the Owner

  • Manages most issues

  • Manages all staff below themselves

  • Deals with daily operation of servers

  • Deals with staff on staff issues that have not reach SAI

  • Do not message Co-Owners unless you have stressed every other option



Community Manager

  • Manages missing ranks in-game, on TeamSpeak, or the Forums

  • Handles general function of community

  • Manages promotions up to administrator

  • Manages Staff Applications

  • Assists Server Managers with operation such as updating rules or ways to improve the servers

  • Deals with TeamSpeak and forums

  • Improves community functionality



Staff Director

  • Manages staff applications

  • Manages staff interviews

  • Manages staff promotions up to Admin

  • Manages staff on staff issues that are easily resolved

  • Manages missing ranks in-game, or on TeamSpeak

  • Supervises Senior Administrators and Server Managers to ensure they are doing their job



Server Manager

  • Manages staff applications for their assigned server

  • Deals with problems and brings them to community managers or above

  • Manages staff interviews

  • Finds bugs or exploits and creates ways to patch them

  • Manages staff on their assigned server and ensures functionality

  • Manages tutorials for our users on complicated subjects, or FAQ for the server they are assigned to.

  • Deals with promotions


NEW Senior Administrator Logo.png

Senior Administrator

  • Brings up issues or concerns to Server Managers

  • Watches and corrects actions of staff below

  • Ensures satisfaction from VIPs and that they are enjoying their time on the server

  • Handles issues that Administrators, Moderators, or Trial Staff staff cannot handle

  • Sets the example

  • Ensures staff members are in line and following rules

  • Helps new staff on how to properly conduct themselves and how to operate daily

  • Helps managers select promotions and give recommendations

  • Creates & Manages tutorials for our users on complicated subjects, or FAQ for the server they are assigned to.




  • Watches over new staff

  • Ensures VIPs are enjoying their time on the server and try everything you can to help them

  • Be the example

  • Respond to calls and ensure Trial Staff and Moderators and properly conducting themselves

  • Creates tutorials for our users on complicated subjects, or FAQ for the server they are assigned to.(Checked BY SA+ before posting)




  • Takes calls and answers questions for players

  • Follow the orders of the staff above, they are there to help



Trial Staff

  • Responds to a large portion of calls and mostly dedicates themselves to only staff activities

  • Listens to staff above and hold what they say close

  • Should be extremely active

  • Asks for help and observes what other staff do

  • During trial week Trial Staff are constantly being observed and monitored and will be corrected on their mistakes



Some basic rules of staff:

  • All Staff are required to be on TeamSpeak while they are on a Defcon Nations Server

  • Staff on staff arguments will not be tolerated and will result in a penalty.

  • Staff on staff bullying will not be tolerated. If a staff member witnesses staff on staff bullying they are to report the incident to a SAI.

  • Senior Administrators, Administrators, Moderators, and Trial Staff are not allowed to use their commands on each other such as bring, goto, jail, kick, or ban unless it is relevant to an admin situation where those commands are necessary.

  • Staff are not allowed to take sits on situations that involve them. This goes hand in hand with not being biased.

  • Staff are never allowed to receive donations from players.

  • Staff are required to be professional at all times this includes no profanity when in sits, no mocking or bullying players, and no use of racism in sits or in times when you are required to act like a staff member.

  • Staff members may only use their powers when required to carry out their duties. A Staff member should never use their powers unless it is an admin situation. This includes nocliping, spectating, physgun abuse, and etc.

  • You are not allowed to request another staff member to look at you promotion application. This will lead to the application being denied and restricting you from posting another application for 2 weeks.

  • You cannot spectate another staff member unless it helps prove a staff member is abusing.

  • Staff are to work together and help each other improve.

  • Staff are always on-duty. Staff are required to take calls and deal with admin issues. Failure to follow this rules can lead to demotion.

  • Respect everyone, whether it's a player or a staff member. It is acceptable to joke but do not take it too far.

  • Staff members who have been given the ability to spawn weapons, may not spawn in multiple cars, entities in an RP situation, weapons in an RP situation, or sell/give weapons to other players. Violation of this rule will result in punishment.

  • Staff are not allowed to be biased. Treat everyone fairly and give everyone the respect they deserve.

  • Witness cannot be used in admin situations. It’s one player's word vs another’s. There needs to be proof that a player broke the rules before you may take action against the player.

  • Do not under any circumstance bring another staff member of the same rank and attempt to punish them.


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