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CloneWarsRP Changelog - 10/12/2019

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  • Cooking!
    • All troopers can pitch in on the effort to provide food for the army.
    • Stoves can be found in the Mess Hall or in the Lounges.
    • Cooked food restores more than x2 the amount of hunger/stamina/thirst than vendor-bought consumables.
    • Cooked consumables can also be sold to the Mess Hall for profit.
    • View the Tutorial here:


  • Lootcrate Rework
    • New Items:
      • Spoiler


    • Removed alot of useless filler items.
    • Changes drop rates.
    • Hutt-Pack and Vampire Helmets are only available for October.


  • New playermodels for 104th, 327th, 501st, and Shock.
    • Room for more customization.


  • New playermodels for Regimental Jedi


  • New Classes
    • Shock Specialist
    • 104th Officer Comet
    • 104th Officer Boost


  • Battalion Loadouts Rework
    • Due to alot of complaints about the loadouts, they have been changed to give more uniform to the loadouts as well as giving some regiments specialties.
    • Lore Characters are unaffected by this change as they intentionally have better loadouts.
      • 501st, 212th, and 104th have adopted a standardized frontline loadout.
        • Troopers
          • 104th Troopers have DC-15A (Modified) and DC-15S (Standard)
          • 501st Troopers have DC-15S (Modified) and DC-15A (Standard)
          • 501st Heavy Troopers have Z-6 (Standard) and DC-15LE (Modified)
          • 212th Troopers have DC-15A (Modified) and DC-15LE (Standard)
        • Officers
          • 104th Officers have DC-15A (Modified) and DC-15S (Modified) and DC-17 Pistol
          • 501st Officers have DC-15LE (Modified) and DC-15A (Modified) and DC-15S (Modified)
          • 212th Officers have DC-15A (Modified) and DC-15LE (Standard) and DC-17 Pistol
        • Commanders are armed with Dual DC-17s. + other.
      • 41st and 187th now have better equipment for assault and infiltration.
        • Troopers
          • 41st Troopers have DC-15SE (Modified) and Valken x38a
          • 41st Scout Troopers have IQA-11 and DC-15S (Standard) and Cloaking Devices
          • 41st Rangers have IQA-11 and DC-15S (Modified)
          • 187th Troopers have DC-15A (Modified) and DC-15LE (Standard)
          • 187th Aerial Troopers have DC-15A (Standard) and DC-15S (Modified) and Scatter Shotgun and DC-17 Pistol
        • Officers
          • 41st Officers have DC-15S (Modified) and NT-424 and DC-17 Pistol
          • 187th Officers have DC-15LE (Standard) and DC-15S (Modified) and Scatter Shotgun and DC-17S Pistol
          • Commanders are armed with Dual DC-17s + other
      • 327th and Galactic Marines now have specialized loadouts for heavier/special assault.
        • Troopers 
          • Galactic Marines have DC-15LE (Modified) and DC-15A (Standard) and DC-17 Pistol
          • Galactic Marine Marksman has a DC-15X, DC-15S (Modified) and Grappling Hooks
          • 327th Troopers have DC-15A (Modified) and DC-15S (Modified) and DC-17 Pistol
        • Officers
          • Galactic Marine Officers have DC-15LE (Modified) and DC-15A (Modified) and IQA-11
          • 327th Troopers have DC-15A (Modified) and DC-15S (Modified) and DC-17 Pistol
        • Commanders are armed with Dual DC-17s + other.
      • Other Regiment Changes
        • Shock
          • Troopers now have the DC-15S (Modified) and DC-19 (Standard)
          • Specialist has a DC-15A (Modified), Barricade, and Valken x38
          • Officers now have the DC-15A (Modified), Barricade, and DC-19 (Modified)
          • Commander Thorn now has Dual DC-15S, DC-15A (Modified), Barricade, and a Grappling Hook
        • Doom
          • Troopers now have the Z-6 (Doom's Unit), DP-24 (Standard) and Handheld Shields
          • Officers now have the Z-6 (Doom's Unit), DP-24 (Modified), Handheld Shields and Barricades
          • Commander Doom now has Z-7 (Doom's Unit), DP-24 (Modified), Barricade, Handheld Shields, and Thermal Detonators.




  • Training Room
    • Now easier to get through, less of a headache for new players and trainers.
    • Updated with relevant and more useful information.
    • Removed formations and other generic, cookie-cutter training.


  • Several gamemaster tools.
    • Enemy flagships can now send a barrage of turbolasers.
    • Changed Enemy flagship health.
    • New collectible event items added.
    • New debrief medals added.


  • Air Vehicles
    • New LAAT, ARC-170, V-Wing, and Y-Wing Bomber available for pilots.
    • These vehicles offer more seats, usage, and animations. (11/10 immersion)
    • New enemy vehicles added.




  • Fixed players getting teleported after exiting vehicles.




  • Weapon Damage Buffs
    • DC-15X now does ~55 damage.
    • Bowcaster now does ~37 damage.
    • S-5c now does ~29 damage.
    • DC-19 now has a larger clip and faster fire rate.
    • DC-19LE now does ~22 damage.


  • Weapons in relation to regiments
    • Due to feedback on how craftable weapons made regiment loadouts not as good, we have added several variations of weapons with more to come.
    • Standard weapons are crafted or basic weapons.
    • Modified weapons are only for sub-classes, officers, and commanders of regiments.
      • Faster fire rate, clip size increase, etc.


  • Bacta Stims are much cheaper to buy and craft.


  • Astromech droid next to Loot Crate NPC sells Loot Crates.


  • Changed regiment sorting on tab menu.




  • First person legs.
  • Group Healing from all Jedi.


Please private message me if you find any issues with this update.

Reply to this topic with anything that you like about this changelog!

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I want me a Twi'lek girl

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