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Mark Mendonca

CloneWarsRP - Mark Mendonca's Staff Promotion

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Name: Mark Mendonca

What server do you have a rank on?: CloneWars RP

What rank do you currently hold?: Moderator

What rank are you applying for?: Senior Moderator

How long have you been your current rank?: Around 3 Weeks

How many hours are you online every week?: I have been on for around 8 hours a day every day

In a paragraph of 6 sentences, why should you be promoted?: The reason why I feel like I should be promoted is because of some of the sits and chats I have done. I have done the basic requirements and am very active with the community regarding changing names and working with players in a time of need. Players always ask for help and I am almost the first person to be there for them. I will be with them until the figure out what to do or if they are satisfied with what they have been given. No matter how active I am I try and help everyone even if they are above me with ideas or with things dealing with players and always give criticism even if it seems to be mean. When dealing with Customer Support you always have to be as nice as you can be and I have been doing that even in my job. Even if I can be a hardass in-game out of character I truly help as many people as I can to get them to enjoy the server and tell their friends about it.

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5 hours ago, ✠[DN] New Order Drew [TS]✠ said:

Now thats it been 4 weeks +1

Great guy


LOL fuck off cutieeeee

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Welcome to the DefconGaming staff team. Your ranks on all platforms will now be set.

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