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SantosRP Changelog - 11/1/2019

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SantosRP Change-log




  • 5 New Vehicles 
    • » 2 New SUVs / GMC Yukon Denali / Land Rover Range Rover
    • » 1 Sedan / Kia Stinger
    • » 2 Coupes / Toyota Celica / Mitsubishi Starion


  • New Craftable M4A1 Carbine 


  • Premium Drug Package
    • The drug dealer buys this from other players for a lot of money but requires quite a lot of work to obtain.
      Here are the Required Items to craft one Package worth $215,000 ( Price May go higher if Players/Staff tell me its difficult to earn that amount of supplies )


Methamphetamine (High Quality) X 5
Cannabis (High Quality) X 50
Large LSD Tab X 10
Coca leaf X 10
Cocaine Package X 5
Pineapple Express Joint X 2
Bubba Kush Joint X 2
Maui Wowie Blunt X 2
All Supplies are Estimated to be a total of $100,920 ( Corrected me if im wrong )
This Leaves A lot of room to profit so you can either spend the time earning all these or offer other players more money then the Drug NPC would buy their drugs for.


  • » All Weapons ( Not Pistols ) now require Scrap Metal Bars to craft
    • » To obtain scrap metal bars requires buying it from Jeff at the hardware store at a Premium Price of 2850$ Per Bar or Mine and craft the Metal Bars yourself, We added this feature due to the Pumpkins being removed in a few days and after seeing multiple players create a small economy by Buying & Selling Pumpkins to other players we would like to have a system to continue this in hoping players find Jeff to Expensive and want to Buy from players that are willing to go mine and re-sell the bars to other players for profit as we are doing with the Drug Package. 



  • Fixed X5M and 2019 Supra they now drive better. ( Notify me if there are more broken cars )

Please PM me if there are any issues with this update 
Thank you.

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I know people are going to be mad if the cops catch these drug smugglers slacking with one of those drug packages LOL. Seems like a good update metal bars might be a little to much but hope the market goes up from this.

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AYee I fuck with tis


Methamphetamine (High Quality) X 5 < Easy
Cannabis (High Quality) X 50 <- Easy
Large LSD Tab X 10 <- Medium
Coca leaf X 10 < - Eaasy
Cocaine Package X 5 < - Medium
Pineapple Express Joint X 2 <- Easy
Bubba Kush Joint X 2 < Medium
Maui Wowie Blunt X 2 <-- Harder

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The Mercedes SLS is broken when you press space you just slide for way longer than you're supposed to

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nerf mp5 other than that GOOD LOOKS

Edited by eddy

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@Sgt.Val the spawn times for the ores i feel like are 2 long and no one can really "mine" you go in for like 2 secound and already mined everything and have to wait till forever for them to spawn back.  unlike the trees they spawn in pretty well so yeah just wanted to quote that the spawns are slow

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On 11/1/2019 at 10:35 AM, Jc124games (Gluestick) said:

I'm guessing the the Bati is still broken

Val And I have fixed the Bati I believe. Should be updated after tonight's reset!

Let me know if you're still having issues! @Jc124games (Gluestick)

Edited by Dojabrah

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