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✠[DN] New Order Drew [TS]✠

CWRP - ✠[DN] New Order Drew [TS]✠'s Promotion Application

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Name:: New Order Drew

What server do you have a rank on?: CWRP

What rank do you currently hold?: Moderator

What rank are you applying for?: Senior Moderator

How long have you been your current rank?: 4 weeks

How many hours are you online every week?: 30

In a paragraph of 6 sentences, why should you be promoted?: I think you should promote me as I am very active on the server and I am always helping people and taking sit when we get time once in a blue moon as most of the time it’s just someone asking it in admin chat and us using ooc to tell them. I also believe that I could do a lot of good with the senior moderator rank as a lot of the times when we get someone calling admins its for a name change. I also feel like I have shown my dedication to the server with the amount of time I put into it and even as a European I have shown time and time again that I will stay up to all hours to be on the server. I was also admin on both defcon Police and MethRP(Well MethRP was before Smod was a thing) so I know that as a Smod more will be expected of me. I would also like to be a Smod and I have seen more people joining the server and that means we will get more staff and as a Smod I can help them learn the ropes. All in all I feel like my past experience as an admin on two defcon severs and my dedication to the sever has shown that I should become a senior moderator .

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Welcome to the DefconGaming staff team. Your ranks on all platforms will now be set.

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