CityRP Changelog for July 12th

  [Added]  You can no longer see other users names without buddying them first here are some images below of what we mean
    - Finally Stops Heavy MetaGaming 
- Use the In-game Q menu Buddy system to add Each other.
- This System Ignores Government Jobs so you are able to see who is playing as Police Officer as they have a " Name and Badge on their Uniform as they do IRL "
- It Uses 64SteamID so if any players break Rules we still know who the player is.
- Admin Logs show the player's Names so don't think this makes it easier to RDM and break server rules.

[Added]  Voice Chat UI -hotfix-
I've just noticed when players would talk in-game it would show their name this has been edited and fixed with a decent UI Shows 64SteamID.

[Added]  House Alarm System
When Purchasing a House it will Ask you if you wish to buy an Alarm if someone Lockpicks your door you and the Police Department Will be Notified

[Change]  Gas Station Robbery now Uses the Clerk instead of two NPCs
You can now Rob the Gas at the clerk.

    Please PM me if there are any issues with this update! Comment your opinion about this update here
Don't worry I know the Police Undercover job is useless at the moment since it shows you are Police
and has been heavily abused anyway so it will be fixed when I get the time.