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      Thank you to everyone who shown interest in the new whitelisted Medical Services & Fire Departments, however we have decided to keep it un-whitelisted & fully public for the time being. Sorry for the inconvenience! - Sour
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Spencer West

Spencer West - EMS Application Awaiting Interview

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Your Name: Spencer West


Your Age: 15


Timezone: Pacific Standard Time (PST)


Why are you wanting to join the EMS? (75 Words) I am wanting to join the EMS because, I don't have a job in Lakeside and i have been seeking to find one. I have tried to go for sheriffs but it didnt work out. A lot of people in EMS that are friends of mine seem to like it  a lot and they recommended me to apply. I have been EMS on other servers like on Garry's Mod but that doesnt relate to arma I am very active on the server and am always respectful.


Tell us about you and what you could bring to the EMS (75 Words) I am a person that loves cars and I make graphics. What I can bring in to the EMS team is more members by recommending them to apply for EMS and telling them how organized it is. I would be very respectful to my higher ups and treat all of my fellow co-workers with respect. I would always report any abuse of a EMS member to a Higher up in the EMS. I would make a lot of inactive people more active and also would love to help save peoples lives. I would help a lot if i got accepted into EMS.


Do you have any experience As an EMS? Yes on a different arma server.


I (Spencer West) Agree that by submitting this form that you will do your best to create good role play, follow ALL rules and SOP's while staying updated with EMS activities. That if you do not fulfill your duties that you WILL be removed from EMS. Lastly you agree that if you break ANY RULES or COMMIT ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES AS EMS, you WILL be removed and blacklisted. If so sign your name below.


Signed - Spencer West


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Your application has been


But before you are accepted into our distinguished ranks. We would like to make sure that you fully understand the rigorous duties involved

You will be required to do a Ride Along first

You can do with my contacting a member of the EMS (in game) and they will be more than happy to help


When you are ready CLICK HERE to sign the Ride Along waiver


Good luck!

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