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StarwarsRP Rules

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General StarwarsRP Rules

- Do not RDM.

- Use Common sense

- Do not spam

- Do not FailRP

- Avoid Lore names unless you are that lore character

- Stay in character at all times unless you are in a admin situation.

- Do not Minge

- Shooting range may be used by anybody, but if a trainer comes with recruits you must move.

- Do not harass or disrespect other players or staff

- Do not attempt to avoid punishments

- Do not attempt to set yourself as a higher rank than you were meant to be.

- Only trainers that were trained are allowed to train CRs

- Staff have final decisions

- When using Event/VIP Classes you must change your RP name to fit the class

- Voice Changers are not allowed

- AFK money farming is allowed but you must be in your proper bunks

- Vehicles may only be spawned in the hangers

- Adverts may only be used by 2LT+ | All Navy and All Jedi, Improper use is punishable

- You may only switch battalions once every 3 days

- Racism is not allowed



The content pack is located here


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