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thejohn deer

Andrews Slaughter gang App.

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What is your In Game Name?

Andrew Scott

Do you have a mic?

Yes I do.

How much money do you have?


How Many cars do you have?


What is your gunsmith level?


What is your Stamina level?


What is your Chemistry level?


How many hours do you have in CityRP?

6 days 21 hoursz

Whats the most amount of money you had before?


Were you affiliated with any gangs before ours? If so, list them below.

Vice kings.

Are you or were you affiliated or part of any law enforcement agency, if so list them below.

No i havent been.

Will you always put the gang before anything else?

Yes I believe that teamwork is the way to success.

Why do you want to join Slaughter Gang [2 Sentences].

I would like to join Slaughter gang because they are a good group of people to play with and hang with i also like have a good team. This gang is the only gang that is respectful,oraginized and fun to play with.

Who is the leader of Slaughter Gang?

Jhalyn Slaughter

What color clothing do we wear?



18 years old

Do you Understand if you act mingey or extremely unprofessional, break any rules, go against higher up commands, or overall just not live up to expectations you can be removed and possibly blacklisted from Slaughter Gang? Yes or No?


Thank you to who ever took their time to read this and a special thanks to Austin,Ryan,Jhalyn for making this gang what it is and for giving  me the oppurtinity to play with you gentlemen.

Once you agree to these terms you are now under command of slaughter gang and its affiliates. 


Slaughter Gang is a "Set" under the primary gang "Bloods". This gang is composed of slum, gutter & extremely hood/gangster members. Be aware that our gang uses explicit language, gang references, and gang signs some may find disturbing or innappropriate.

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Everything seems to checkout! (Just get your gun smithing up to 20) Waiting for the Greenlight from @Santos | ArkTech Networks @Gates Trucking     

-Majestic Slaughter (Co-Director)

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