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TeamSpeak Rules

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Teamspeak Rules

General Teamspeak Rules:

  1. Respect all players & staff alike (Friendly banter is fine, clear disrespect is NOT)
  2. Do not harass, attack, cause unnecessary drama, or threaten any members of our community
  3. Do not release personal information about any member of our community without their explicit given consent
  4. Do not use our community or any of our services as a platform to advertise your server or community, otherwise known as "leeching"
  5. No offensive or excessively long names (Note: Do not add "!" or anything else to your name to move your name above another user or group(s)
  6. Do not spam in any regard (Chat, Poke, Voice, Music, Soundboards, etc)
  7. Do not break the Chain of Command, this may result in a 24 Hour TS Ban
  8. Do not attempt to circumvent any punishment given by a Staff Member
  9. Do not record with the TS3 recording software, but use a third party recording software
  10. Do not impersonate another user (Changing your name to match theirs)
  11. Do not send links to cheat websites, IP Grabbers, Porn websites, Phishing websites, Screaming Links, or anything that can harm the user’s computer or could be considered malicious, inappropriate, or with ill intent
  12. Do not link external websites or images that include Sexual, Homophobic, Racist, Violent, Disturbing or Inappropriate Content in public channels
  13. Do not join channel(s) in which you are not supposed to be in
  14. Do not join any channel for the purpose of trolling or generally disrupting the general conversation of the channel discussion
  15. Do not loiter in any of the training rooms or any room with a specific purpose if you are not currently using that channel for that purpose
  16. Any type of gore, pornography, racist, homophobic, sexist, or violent content will be removed immediate
  17. If you wish to have a music bot you must apply for one on the forums
  18. Please use the same name in TeamSpeak as you use on our server(s) as it helps our staff & members alike identify you if needed
  19. Soundboards are not allowed unless channel rules say otherwise


Staff Rules:

  1. Staff Members are REQUIRED to be on TeamSpeak while Staffing on any DefconGaming Servers
  2. Staff members are NOT exempt from any of these rules and are expected to act as role models for our members
  3. Any misuse of TeamSpeak Moderation Commands, or Permissions in general, will lead to severe punishment
  4. Be respectful at all times

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