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PurgeRP Rules

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PurgeRP Server Rules


General Server Rules:

  • When in an admin sit, all RP is to end. During an admin sit disconnecting, running away, or breaking rules further will result in a ban from the server.
  • If you purchase a whitelistable custom class, you may only have 10 people whitelisted.
  • You may not AFK farm the machines in the casino.
  • Do not impersonate any staff, and never disrespect a staff member. If you have a problem with a staff member take it up with High Staff (Server Manager | Staff Supervisor | Community Manager | Asst. Director)
  • Reporting bugs are greatly appreciated while abusing or advertising them WILL result in a ban.
  • Don't impersonate anyone in the server. That includes users/VIPs/Gold VIPs/Supporters.
  • Every job has a job description, read before selecting to avoid FailRP.
  • Combat logging is the act of intentionally disconnecting to avoid being robbed, kidnapped, shot at, or raided. This is not allowed and will result in a temporary ban from the server.
  • No class can grow/produce drugs in any government building.
  • No roleplay is permitted at spawn.
  • Cop baiting is the act of shooting, hitting, or luring police into interactions with you. This is NOT allowed.
  • You cannot log out with the intention to avoid a roleplay situation.
  • Jumping/standing on another player's head with the intent of boosting to reach something (like to get into a base) isn't allowed.
  • Body blocking is not allowed. You may only body block if it is relative to an RP situation.
  • You may only AFK farm money and time as a citizen or your custom class
  • You cannot "Counter" unless you are directly involved in the situation. Do not counter a raid/police raid/kidnapping if you have no affiliation with either person (You CANNOT “counter” if you want to kill people) The classes that should be countering are police, bodyguards/personal security and the Mysterious Man. You can also counter if you’re in the same “Organization” as the person being harmed, or if you have some sort of way to make your affiliation with the person evident.
  • Do not get yourself involved in situations you have no business in. If it doesn't involve your home, your CLOSE friends/gang mates or Organization members, then you probably have no business interfering with it unless you're police, a bodyguard/personal security, Mysterious Man or an Organization Member.
  • You can only climb to one area once per raid with a parkour SWEP, and you can't use a prop/entity/person to boost yourself.
  • You cannot use the “Parkour SWEP” to glitch into bases, and you can’t use your lightsaber to jump into bases. This includes your own base.
  • Do not use the Scrapper Tool to 'scrap' items in your base when being raided. This is FailRP.
  • Staff/Player disrespect isn't allowed. You will be punished for this if you are caught making fun of someone's race/religion/sexual identity. You will NOT be punished for disrespect if you call a staff member a bad staff member or something of that kind but constantly disrespecting a staff member is not tolerated.
  • Government officials CANNOT Purge. They are to either sit inside of PD or spawn during Purge. If a government official is killed during Purge, they will be spawned in spawn.. 
  • You CANNOT shoot inside of the PD during Purge.
  • PD is not allowed to be raided during Purge.
  • Police can raid if they have witnessed a citizen commit a crime, such as an assault, or a kidnapping. They can also conduct a "missing person search" on bases once a kidnapping has taken place within the server.
  • Any class stated in the F4 menu or listed here can NOT Purge:
    • Cat
    • Goat 
    • Edgy Teen
    • Squeaker
    • Streaker


Common Sense:

  • Prop abusing and/or prop minging (prop surfing, prop killing, prop climbing, prop blocking, etc) is not allowed.
  • Do not advertise other servers and/or communities.
  • Racial Slurs are NOT allowed in Out of Character Chat & Adverts.
  • Spamming in any form is not allowed.
    • Sending the same message 3+ times within 30 seconds.
  • Staff members have final say on all rule interpretations whether explicitly stated or not; if you feel a staff member is abusing his/her powers, report it to a higher-up or you can report said staff member by creating an Administrative Report on the forums.
  • Pornographic / Derogatory images may NOT be displayed on televisions, or picture frames.
  • No Witchunting
    • Example: Targeting someone to ruin their experience in any way.
  • Do not hack/exploit. If you suspect a player is hacking/exploiting report them to staff.
  • Police cannot raid based off of sound. This is metagaming and is bannable.
  • Do not randomly shoot at people, shoot cars, or hit/stab people. This is minging and will result in a punishment from the server administration.
  • If you enter a persons base, they have full KOS, kidnap, and mug permissions if stated so on a textscreen outside of the base.


Roleplay Guidelines:

  • RDM - Random Death Match
    • Killing another player without a valid reason. This is not allowed.
  • NLR - New Life Rule 
    • Once you’ve died you spawn with no prior knowledge to previous events and may not return to the general area for 2 minutes.
    • In a raid you cannot return until the raid is completed. 
  • RDA - Random Arrest
    • Arresting another player without a valid reason. This is against the rules.
  • Scamming is not allowed
    • You may not scam other players, for example; Selling your car to another player knowing they will not keep it.
  • Baton Rushing is not allowed
    • Is the act of rushing after players and repeatedly striking them.
  • Advert Rules
    • Only to be used for valid roleplay reasons, such as:
      • Raids/PD Raids/Bank Raids
      • Mugs
      • Warnings
        • You must give a 3-second interval per each warn.
      • Counters
      • Terrors
      • Rapes
      • Steals
      • Kidnaps
      • Base Takeovers
      • Carjacks/Thefts
    • No Racist / Offensive / Derogatory adverts. 
    • No “Assassination” adverts.
    • Crossfire - The act of unintentionally killing another player by missing the intended target. Crossfire CANNOT be adverted when a player kills multiple individuals in sequence to another.
  • CDM is not tolerated at all (even if you honk your horn)
  • Metagaming is not allowed 
    • The act of taking information received out of character and bringing it into character.
      • Raiding someone off meth sounds


Roleplay Rules:

  • Between each warning, there must be at 3 consecutive warnings each 3 seconds apart.
  • You should advert steal before stealing anything (money printers, gun shipments, drugs, etc) "NOT ALLOWED TO STEAL AT SPAWN"
  • Max mug is $5,000 and you must give them 10 seconds to respond to your demands, you also must wait 5 minutes between each mug. You must wait 15 minutes to mug the same person again.
  • You MUST type in chat or verbally announce the mugging AFTER the mug advert. You must let the player know that you are mugging them.
  • When you go to mug a person, they can't have any weapons out, and they must be standing still. The same rule applies for kidnappings.
  • You must comply when being mugged, you either let the person kill you or give them their compensation.
  • There is a 5 minute cool down on steal adverts, and 10 minute cool downs for the same person.
  • Government Officials may not take part in any type of illegal/criminal activity. 
  • You must wait 5 minutes to raid a new person and 15 to raid the same person. 
    • If you die in a raid, you can not assist another player raiding the same person. You must wait the 15 minutes to raid them again.
  • To call raid on any building/government building you must be next or near the building that you are going to raid. You may not be down the street. 
  • You cannot call a raid on any tryout base, it is a bannable offense.
  • You CANNOT "/advert Counter" a raid unless next to or near the building that is being raided.
  • The PD can be raided 10 minutes AFTER the Mayor has been elected, PURGE time does not count. 
  • If you fail a PD Raid, there is a server-wide 10-minute cooldown on PD raids.
  • There must be a total of 4 cops/swat online before you may call a PD/Bank raid. (Mayor doesn't count)
  • You can not raid another player if there is common knowledge that there is nothing inside the base. 
  • Raids MUST be called outside the base.
  • When basing you must include all players basing inside on the door, if they are apart of your ORG you still have to put them on your door.
  • You can request a maximum of $10,000 for each hostage.
  • You must properly advert PRIOR to anything especially for mugging or kidnapping anyone
  • When kidnapping, you must have a valid RP reason why. After you have kidnapped the player you must advert the ransom. Ransom can be paid by anyone and is considered FailRP to refuse it.
  • You can't run away or break cuffs when kidnapped.
  • You can hold a person that you've kidnapped for 10 minutes, and you MUST either kill or release them once the time is up. Purge time accounts for this rule.
  • Kidnappings have a cool down of 10 minutes, and 25 minutes for the same person.
  • When raiding: If there is only 1 person inside you can only raid with a total of 2 people MAX, If there are 2-4 people basing inside then you can have a max of 4 people raid.
  • When raiding a mega-base/organization base you can have a total of up to 8 people to raid with you. 
  • Once a raid is over you must leave the base, you can not stay inside the base for more than 10 minutes unless you call a “base takeover,” which then extends your time to 15 minutes.
  • Government officials can no longer follow any Mayoral-written laws if the Mayor is taken out of office
  • Blacklisted Laws
    • Jaywalking.
    • Any law relating to any group or person.
      • Putting a group or an individual above the law, however, they can act as a bodyguard for the Mayor. A mayor can have a maximum of 5 people protecting the police department. This does not include the police force.
      • Any laws that break server rules
      • Any law that hinders roleplay heavily (cannot jump, crouch walking, etc.)
  • Once a terrorist blows up a group of people there is automatically a 10-minute server wide cooldown for the next terror.
  • You CANNOT force jump onto or into a base or a base rooftop with a lightsaber. 

Base Rules:

  • No building bases in the road, that includes random props as well.
  • All bases must be raidable. (You cannot prop block entrances)
  • All residents must be added to door if they are basing with you.
  • To be considered a base you must own all doors to your direct property. And the building cannot be unowned.
  • A building sign must be large enough to read from across the street and is to be removed immediately upon completion. You cannot leave the sign up to avoid being raided once your build is complete.
  • You may prop block all entrances to a building/base as long as there is 1 usable entrance.
  • Bases that have kill tunnels, crouch/jump props, or props that allow you to see them but they can't see you are strictly prohibited
  • Do not build or remove any props inside your base during a raid and or spam your fading door binded key to prevent anyone from accessing your base.
  • You may have a total of 3 fading doors inside a base.
  • You must have two keypads per fading door.
    • False keypads are not permitted.
    • Keypads must have a hold length of 3 seconds or higher
    • Keypads may not have a delay on opening
  • You may NOT no-collide props to give you an advantage in shooting (ex: Walking through one ways to shoot and go back).
    • You may not hide inside of no-collided props when you are getting raided.
  • Fading-door abuse is prohibited.
    • Abusing the use of your fading door bind to open and close a fading door during a raid, or in an RP situation.
  • Props that are completely invisible are not permitted in the server, they must have an opacity of 75 or higher to be recognizable.
  • Do not use no-collided cameras to look inside players bases.
  • If you have a building/tryout sign you will be granted immunity to being raided but once you are completed with the building/tryouts you must remove the textscreen and replace it with a KOS.
  • If you are going to have a KOS sign it must have a minimum size of 50 and you can not touch the opacity of the textscreen. 
  • Sky bases are not allowed whatsoever.
  • You may claim a rooftop on a base if you own all doors to the building below the rooftop. This rule only accounts for bases with an entry to the rooftop.
  • Mega-bases are bases that claim off a certain area of the map. You must have 6 players to create a mega-base.
  • During Purge, mega-bases must have their fading doors open when blocking off a Purge spawn, to let the players escape.
  • A mega-base can have a total of 4 fading doors.
  • You can only mega-base in specific areas of the map, the beach, the 'industrial' district, and the 'grassland' area. Refer to the screenshot below for more informatiom


Job Rules:


  • The Mayor is not allowed to commence random lockdowns. The Mayor MUST have a valid RP reason to commence a lockdown and must advert why whenever the lockdown is in place. When the reason is no longer in effect, the Mayor must end the lockdown.
  • The Mayor must base within the PD, but is allowed to leave to visit the citizens.
  • If the PD is raided, the Mayor must stay in the PD and is not permitted to leave.
  • The Mayor is NOT allowed to enforce the laws.
  • The max bail or gun license is $5,000.


Law Enforcement

  • Law enforcement must follow all laws, and they must not possess any illegal items.
  • Law enforcement is only allowed to base in the PD, but CANNOT plant/grow or make any illegal items.
  • Law enforcement must protect the bank, PD, and the Mayor at all costs.
  • Law enforcement must TRY to ARREST a player that they have seen commit a crime.
  • Police K9 - Rocky counts as a police pet, so it must follow the pet rules.
  • You CANNOT randomly weapon check players.
  • Mayor's Secret Service must be with the Mayor at ALL TIMES and is not allowed to leave the Mayor's office unless with the Mayor.
  • You MUST have a valid reason to search a house. Searching a house based off of sound is metagaming and is against the rules.
  • Police have to listen to the Police Chief.
  • SWAT have to listen to the SWAT Leader.
  • Law enforcement is not allowed to arrest ANY player inside of a building during a lockdown. 
  • Law enforcement is not allowed to arrest player that they've chased into a building during a lockdown.


Hired Bodyguard.

  • You are ONLY allowed to Purge and Counter (Cannot raid/mug/carjack/assist/etc.)
  • You can base with the person that you are protecting.
  • You get paid to protect people. (You can only charge up to $10,000)
  • You should "/advert counter" when you are defending somebody.


VIP Mysterious Man

  • You can ONLY rape a person in a secluded area (Dark Alley/House)
  • You must "/advert rape" whenever you are going to do so to a player.
  • You may NOT rape during Purge. Doing so will result in a punishment.
  • You are ONLY allowed to Rape/Purge/Counter (Cannot raid/mug/carjack/assist/etc.)
  • There is a 2 minute rape cooldown, and a 5 minute rape cooldown for the same player.


Gang Classes (Bloodz/Cripz/The New Order) | Anarchist and Anti-Anarchist

  • Bloodz must base with the VIP Bloodz Leader. The same goes for the Cripz.
  • Anarchist and Anti-Anarchist & Bloods and Cripz can now fully KOS each other without calling a gang war.
    • This can be on public roads.

Raiding Classes

  • Hackers can charge to be utilized in a raid.
  • All raids MUST start with a raid advert (/advert raid) and a raid over advert (/advert raid over).


Hitman/VIP Assassin

  • Government officials are not allowed to place hits.
  • Hitmen CANNOT place hits on other hitmen.
  • Hitmen may ONLY raid if the player that have a hit on lives inside of the base they're raiding.
  • You CANNOT kill the Mayor with a hit unless you raid the PD.


Gun Dealer/Black Market Dealer/VIP Weapons Specialist

  • You MUST have some form of shop.
  • You MUST sell to everyone.
  • You are allowed to set the price of items to your satisfaction.
  • You may not raid.
  • You CANNOT self-supply.
  • Dealers do not need a license to sell items unless there is a law requiring a license.
  • You may Purge.
  • Dealers CANNOT base with criminals, however, they can grow weed and have printers.
  • Dealers can base with other Dealers.


Banker/Bank Security

  • Only the bank workers may work inside of the bank.
  • Bank Securities are required to be inside the bank at all times and are not allowed to leave.
  • Bank workers cannot commit crimes.
  • Bankers can print money in the bank legally.



  • Do not use the bomb during the Purge
  • "Terror" is only allowed every 10 minutes (globally)
  • You can ONLY "terror" with the suicide bomb.
  • After advertising "terror" you have 10 seconds to use the suicide bomb.
  • There are no terrorist custom classes. Only the terrorist class may terror.


Pooch/VIP Badass Pet/Doge/Cat/Goat

  • You are only allowed to assist your owner in whatever they advert. (Raid Assist/Mug Assist/PD Raid Assist/etc.)
  • You are not allowed to have any sort of weapon. (Monster SWEP/DogBite SWEP is an exception)
  • You cannot base alone.
  • You can only base in your owners base.
  • The "Goat" can be a pet or a free animal, but it must follow the pet rules if acting as a pet, and still CANNOT commit crimes as a free animal. (Cannot purge, counter, assist.. etc)

KOS Serial Killer

  • You may only use the melee weapon provided on your class.
  • You must "/advert Murder" to kill somebody. This does NOT include self-defense kills.
  • You may kill one person per minute.
  • You are subjected to be killed on sight by any player, at all times.


When changes are made to the rules, they will be highlighted GREEN for two weeks, and then they will be changed back to the normal font.


If a player has any confusion with these rules, please be sure to notify a staff member in-game and they will be sure to assist you and help you understand whatever you’re confused about.


Edited by L Benn

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