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WildWestRP Rules

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WildWestRP Rules

General Server Rules

  • During an admin sit, all RP is to end. Disconnecting, running away, or breaking rules in the admin sit will result in a harsher punishment.

  • Do not impersonate a staff member, and never disrespect a staff member. If you have a problem with a staff member, resolve your issue by contacting the management of the server.

  • Reporting bugs is greatly appreciated, while abusing them will result in a possible ban from the server,

  • Do not impersonate anyone on the server.

  • Every job has a description, read the job description and job rules in order to avoid FailRP.

  • Combat logging is the act of intentionally leaving the server to avoid a roleplay situation. (Raids, Kidnaps, Mugs, etc.). This is not allowed and will result in a ban from the server.

  • No class can grow/make drugs in any government buildings.

  • Body blocking is not allowed. You many only body block if it relates to an RP situation,

  • You cannot “Counter” unless you’re directly involved in the situation. You should only be countering if you’re associated in the situation.

  • Do not get yourself involved in something if it doesn’t concern you. Only get yourself involved in issues that you’re associated with.

  • Staff/Player disrespect isn't allowed. You will be punished for this if you are caught making fun of someone's race/religion/sexual identity. You will NOT be punished for disrespect if you call a staff member a bad staff member or something of that kind but constantly disrespecting a staff member is not tolerated.

  • Changing your name to avoid a punishment is not allowed.


Roleplay Guidelines

  • RDM - Random Death Match

    • Killing another player without a roleplay reason. This is not prohibited.
  • CDM - Car Death Match

    • Killing players through the use of vehicles/horses. This is NOT tolerated. You must always try to avoid players with your vehicle/horse.
  • RDA - Random Arrest

    • Randomly arresting players for no reason. This is not allowed.
  • Baton Rushing is Not Allowed

    • The act of rushing players with a baton in a combat situation and making them incapable of moving.
  • NLR - New Life Rule

    • Once you’ve died, you spawn with no previous knowledge to previous events and you cannot return to the area where you died for 5 minutes. This applies to all jobs except Plantation Staff during raids/revolts.
    • You cannot return to a raid if you were killed until the raid is completed, unless you’re a PeaceKeeper during a PeaceKeeper base raid.
  • Metagaming is Not Tolerated

    • The act of taking out-of-character information to give you an advantage in roleplay situations.

Ex. Raiding based off of the sounds of moonshine inside of the base.

  • Scamming is Not Allowed

    • You cannot scam other players.

Ex. Selling players something that you know they will not receive the item.

  • Advert Rules

    • Only to be used for valid roleplay reasons, such as:
      • Raids
      • Mugs
      • Warnings
      • Steals
      • Kidnaps
      • Base Takeovers
      • Carjacks/Thefts


Common Sense

  • Prop abusing or prop minging (prop surfing, killing, climbing, blocking, etc.) will not be tolerated.

  • Spamming in any form is not allowed. (Chat spam, microphone spam).

  • Staff decisions are final. Do not argue with a staff members based off of their decision. If you have a problem with a staff members decision, take it to their higher-up (Server Manager+) or make a staff report on the forums.

  • No Witchunting of any form.

 Ex. Targeting somebody to ruin their roleplay experience.

  • Do not hack/exploit. If caught hacking or exploiting, you will be punished through an immediate ban.

  • Do not randomly shoot at people/structures/horses/cars/aircraft. This is known as minging and will result in a punishment from the staff team.

  • If you enter a person's base, they have full KOS, kidnap, and mug permissions if stated so on a textscreen outside of the base.

  • Do not ignore staff in a staff situation.


Roleplay Rules

  • Between each warning advert, there must be at least 3 consecutive warnings, each being 3 seconds apart.

  • The maximum amount of money you can demand in a mug is $5,000. You must give them 10 seconds to respond to your demands.

  • You must wait 5 minutes between each mug, and 10 minutes for the same person.

  • You must type in chat or verbally announce the mugging AFTER the mug advert. You must let the player know that you are mugging them.

  • When you go to mug a player, they cannot have any weapons out, and must be standing still. The same rule applies for kidnappings.

  • You must comply when being mugged. You either let the player kill you or you give them their compensation.

  • PeaceKeepers/Sheriffs may not take part in any criminal activities.

  • You must wait a 5 minute cooldown when raiding, and a 15 minute cooldown to raid the same person.

    • If you die in a raid, you cannot assist another player raiding the same person. You still must wait the 15 minute cooldown time to raid them again.
  • You must advert ‘Raid’ next to or near the building you are raiding.

  • Raids must be called outside of the base.

  • You can request a maximum of $15,000 per hostage.

  • You must advert PRIOR to mugging/kidnapping a player.

  • When kidnapping a player, you must advert a ransom after doing so, Anybody can pay the ransom and it is FailRP to refuse the money from somebody.

  • You can’t run away or break cuffs when kidnapped.

  • You can hold a player that you’ve kidnapped for 10 minutes, and you MUST either kill or release them once the time is up.

  • Kidnappings have a cool down of 10 minutes, and 25 minutes for the same person.

  • Kidnappings have a cooldown of 10 minutes, and 25 minutes for the same person.

  • When raiding, if there is only 1 player inside, you can only raid with a maximum of 2 players. If there are 2-4 people basing, you can have a maximum of 4 players raiding.

  • Once a raid is over you must leave the base, you cannot stay inside of the base for more than 10 minutes unless you call a “Base Takeover”, which then extends your time to 15 minutes.

  • Read job descriptions when selecting that job to avoid FailRP. Also, check job rules in the MOTD for further clarification.

  • If a house/base does NOT have a KOS sign up, you are allowed to enter it.  However, if the owner adverts warns to make you leave, you must leave to avoid being killed.

  • Do NOT change your job name if it voids your jobs roleplay function.

  • No WARS. Meaning declaring war on people/groups in which you kill each other on sight.

  • Do NOT vote demote when staff are online.

  • Do NOT kill yourself in Roleplay situations such as when you are being kidnapped, mugged, raided, etc.

  • Do NOT abuse the parkour swep. Anyone killing NPCs with it will be banned immediately.

  • Do NOT disable collision on any props/vehicles to enter another player’s base/property.

  • You are allowed to kill a player if:

  1. They are raiding/threatening your life.

  2. They crossed a KOS line.

  3. You are defending yourself/somebody you have evident relations with.

  4. Your job specifies a reason in which you can KOS.

  • Counter adverts are NOT allowed.


Building Specific Rules

  • Do not build during raids/roleplay scenarios.

  • You must have a KOS sign using the “Text Screen Tool” in order to kill anyone who crosses the sign.

  • All fading doors must have a visible keypad or button at eye level on both sides of the door.

  • All keypads must be reachable, crackable and visible. They cannot be hidden.

  • All keypads must have a hold length of 4 seconds.

  • All bases must be raidable.

  • Your base must be enterable without crouching or jumping.

  • You CANNOT have walls that allow you to shoot players without them seeing you.

  • There must be enough room between fading doors that a group of 3 can move freely between the space.

  • No floating/unreachable bases.

  • No building in other players bases without permission.

  • When you place a Building sign you are not allowed to be raided. HOWEVER, if you have printers/moonshine/tobacco/money making items, you will become raidable. You also cannot have a base with a building sign for a long length of time. Build your base, and then remove the sign.

  • Do NOT heavily modify vehicles with props. Staff may remove any modifications at their discretion.

  • Do not build unrealistic contraptions.

  • You may NOT build on or obstruct access anyone else’s property without their consent.

  • You may only make an area KOS if it is in the general area of the building you own. For example, the front of your house.

  • Do not randomly build in public. Only build in your base.

  • When basing, you must put all of the members inside of your base on your front door.

  • Props that are completely invisible on the server are not permitted. They must have an opacity of 75 or higher.

  • Do not spawn your Base Turret outside of your base.


Plantation Rules

  • Plantation Guards must warn slaves that they will be KOS if they do not start working.

  • Guards may only shoot slaves after they have given them a warning.

  • Slaves may only have a gun when revolting or escaping,

  • Slaves may NOT help the plantation owner/guards in guarding or controlling the plantation.

  • There must be a valid reason for a KOS warning.

  • Guards may KOS slaves buying from a gun dealer.

  • Guards may KOS slaves if they have a gun equipped.

  • Plantation Staff CAN own printers and may collaborate with Moonshiners.

  • Do NOT block all entrances to the plantation. Make sure at least one entrance is open

  • Plantation Staff CANNOT leave the plantation.

  • If a slave attempts an escape you may attempt to gun down that slave. If this fails you can hire a bounty hunter.

  • You CANNOT KOS PeaceKeepers or Rebels.

  • If the Plantation Owner wants something removed from his house, you must comply or it will be forcefully removed by staff.

  • You may build walls to keep slaves in. YOU MUST have a way out that is nothing but an open hole. The way out cannot be obtainable through a fading door.

  • Slaves must wait 5 minutes between each escape attempt.

  • Slaves must wait 15 minutes between each revolt.

  • You MUST “/advert Revolt” every time you try to escape the Plantation.

  • Slaves can only revolt for 10 minutes at most before they have to end the revolt.

  • Slaves may ONLY kill plantation staff during revolts.

  • In order to raid the Plantation you must have a group of 3 players or more. When doing this you must “/advert Plantation Raid” and you can only kill Plantation Staff.


PeaceKeeper Rules

  • Do NOT arrest other PeaceKeepers, and do NOT kill other PeaceKeepers.

  • Do NOT raid without warrant. If the player runs or disobeys your orders when you have a warrant, then you may kill them.

  • Peacekeepers may return to a PeaceKeeper base raid after 3 minutes upon death.

  • PeaceKeepers must have a valid reason to make a warrant against a player or to make a player wanted.

  • Note that guns are NOT illegal.

  • Do NOT detain escaped slaves. That is meant for Bounty Hunters, not PeaceKeepers. You may however, kill/arrest one if you see them breaking a law.

  • PeaceKeepers do not need to advert raid, they just need a warrant that follows proper roleplay.


Tree Cutting & Mining Rules

  • Do NOT steal log carrying carts.

  • You can't prop block the Sawmill.

  • Slaves are allowed to go to the mining area without getting killed.

  • Do NOT steal other player’s logs, you may take the logs that have been lying around

  • You can kill a player if they hit you with their axe.

  • There are multiple tree cutting areas in the map so please do not block access to Sawmills or the trees.


Faction Rules

  • Custom classes are not above the rules and anyone breaking the rules will be punished.

  • Factions may only host events if a Server Manager or above approves of it.

  • Ranged weapons are strictly forbidden whilst using any SWEPs that modify your original hitbox or playermodel that gives you an advantage.

  • All other rules are set by the faction owner.


Job Specific Rules


  • Listen to the Plantation owner at all times to avoid being killed.

  • You cannot use any weapons besides pistols.

  • It is considered FailRP to not listen to the Plantation Staff/Owner.

  • You must actually roleplay as a slave to gain a chance at obtaining your freedom.


Free Citizens

  • Casual Citizen - You are a regular citizen. Earn a living through any way you see fit. You can raid, carjack, mug, and kidnap.

  • Music Man - You are a DJ for the people. Play music for them. Annoying/extremely loud music will result in a demotion from the job. You can’t raid, carjack, mug, or kidnap.

  • Guitar Man - You have the exact same rules as the Music Man. Don’t annoy players with your guitar.

  • Rich White Man - You buy slaves from the Plantation Staff and put them to work for your own goods. You can’t raid, carjack, mug, or kidnap.

  • Innkeeper - You prepare housing for slaves inside of the Plantation and outside of the Plantation. You cannot raid, carjack, mug, or kidnap.


Gun Dealer/VIP Advanced Gun Dealer/VIP Black Marker Dealer/Freedom Fighter’s Gun Dealer

  • You sell weapons/tools for profit.

  • You can’t raid, carjack, mug, kidnap.

  • You cannot self supply.

  • You have to sell to everyone besides slaves, in which you can only sell pistols to.

  • You are allowed to set the price of your items to your satisfaction, but don’t make the prices too unreasonable.

  • You cannot base with other people, however, you can grow weed and have printers.

  • You can base with other Dealers.


Law Enforcement (Sheriff/Sheriff Deputy)

  • You cannot commit any crimes.

  • You have to protect the citizens at any cost, even if that means risking your own life.

  • You can raid if you set a warrant and find out about a players illegal items in their base legitimately.

  • As a Sheriff Deputy, you must always listen to the Sheriff. You take all commands from them.


Drug/Moonshine Makers

  • You base and make drugs or moonshine and sell it to players/the drug dealer or Moonshine Buyer.

  • You can’t raid, carjack, mug, or kidnap.

  • You can base with other criminals and can defend your base with firearms.


Plantation Staff

  • You must properly roleplay as Plantation Staff.

  • You have to warn slaves to start working before you kill them.

  • You cannot raid, carjack, mug, or kidnap.

  • You can counter Plantation raids and kill those who are raiding.



  • Outlaw Leader - You are the leader of the Outlaws. Protect your crew and assist them in the making of illegal items. Help provide guidance for the Outlaws. Can raid, mug, and kidnap.

  • Outlaw Member - Help enforce the leaders rules and listen to their commands. You can raid, mug, and kidnap.

  • Outlaw Trafficker - You make beer for the other Outlaws and give a cut of your profit to the leader for protection. Listen to your higher ranks like the member and the leader.


Hired Guns

  • Hitmen take and execute hits on people for money, Can’t carjack, can’t mug, Can only raid if their hit is inside a base. VIP Hitmen can base.

  • Bounty Hunters search for escaped slaves, you may only KOS them after you have confirmed their identity as an escaped slave.

  • VIP Gun for Hire, and Armoured Mercenary both get paid to do certain objectives, these can include, mugging, raiding, carjacking, and kidnapping, but only if you’re paid to.



  • Peacekeepers are KOS.

  • Can raid/mug/carjack/kidnap.

  • Can’t raid other Rebels.

  • You must always listen to the Gang’s Leader.



  • Cultists main job is to attempt to carry out the cult. You can do this by collecting souls.

  • Cultist Members can mug, kidnap, raid, and carjack.

  • Goats can kill each other, Goats can not use guns.

  • The KOS clown can be killed by anyone, the KOS Clown may kill anyone as well, however it is not recommended to kill people who are not bothering you. The KOS Clown can raid, but can’t base.


Ku Klux Klan

  • Going to the Plantation without a proper raid time will cause the KKK to burn to death.

  • You can KOS any escaped slaves, Freedom Fighters, and Plantation Guards during a raid.

  • Can only kidnap if your doing so on a escaped Freedom Fighter slave.

  • Can’t mug, can only raid bases that you have seen Freedom Fighters/Slaves entering/leaving.


Plantation Resistance

  • Freedom Fighters are slaves, in which their main goal is to free slaves, by raiding the Plantation.

  • Freedom Fighters can do “/advert Slave Save” to take a slave out of the Plantation, Freedom Fighters are KOS in the Plantation.

  • Freedom Fighters can only conduct raids on the Plantation.

  • Freedom Fighters can not carjack, mug, or kidnap.



  • You can not base outside of the PeaceKeeper base, unless you are inside of a checkpoint.

  • Rebels are KOS/AOS.

  • Can only raid bases where Rebel/illegal activity is seen.

  • You are under no circumstances allowed to kidnap.


PeaceKeeper Laws

  • Any form of contraband is illegal. This does not include weed from the plantation. (Money printers, moonshine, other tobacco etc.)

  • The making of moonshine is illegal.

  • Harming other people is illegal.

  • Breaking into or damaging other people’s property or legal assets is illegal.

  • Refusal to comply with a property owner’s orders, such as leaving his property, is illegal.

  • The Plantation Workers/Owner can plant tobacco and print money.

When changes are made to the rules, they will be highlighted GREEN for two weeks, and then they will be changed back to the normal font.

If a player has any confusion with these rules, please be sure to notify a staff member in-game and they will be sure to assist you and help you understand whatever you’re confused about.



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