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SantosRP Rules

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Official SantosRP Rules

LAST UPDATED: November 11th, 2019

Disclaimer: The rules can be changed at any time without notice. If something is not outlined in the rules, however we warrant it deserves a punishment, staff hold the right to proceed with any appropriate punishment. If something is done that indicates a clear problem within the rules, a rule will be added regarding it.

Please keep an eye on this post for updated rules! There is a link to the tutorials at the very bottom of this post, it will help you.


Click HERE for a tutorial on how to play the server


Before playing the server:

  1. Understand that this is a Garry's Mod server. Do not play expecting a completely 11/10 experience.
  2. Understand that you cannot win every situation. Sometimes you might win, sometimes you will lose. It is part of the experience.
  3. Understand that while playing this server you are to try your absolute hardest to stay in-character and to abide by the rules without ruining RP experience.
  4. Understand that Roleplay comes before Ruleplay, and every sort of Roleplay comes before Gunplay. This is not a TDM server. If you don't like that go play Call of Duty, not this server.
  5. This is a game, Have fun. Do not let other players ruin your fun.  If you feel like someone is impeding on that or ruining the server, call staff and they will be happy to help.


Very important roleplay rules:

  1. Being a toxic player will result in a 5+ hour ban without question.
    1. Talking trash to players who you killed or arrested will not be tolerated. 
    2. Players can record other players doing this and request for them to be banned.
    3. Be respectful to each other or don't play on our server.
  2. No homophobic, racist, sexist, political/religious discrimination of any kind. This is a big no-no and will not be tolerated in any way or form.


Roleplay Guidelines:


Do not start screaming about a rule break in the middle of a Roleplay Situation.

Do not start screaming about calling staff within a Roleplay Situation.

Wait until after the situation is over to get your problems out to staff, or simply send staff a message during the situation and let STAFF MEMBERS handle it.

Do NOT play music or sounds through your mic. There are no exceptions to this, if the sound is not coming from an item on the server then it will be considered micspam.

You are not allowed to use crafting tables (Gunsmith, Assembly, and Crafting) on properties you don't own.


Random Death-Match (RDM) - A player randomly kills other players without valid reasons or initiation.

Vehicle Death-Match (VDM / CDM) - A player uses his vehicle to (normally on purpose) kill other players with no liable reason or initiation. If hit while standing on the road this is your own fault. This does not include hitting someone with your vehicle to ragdoll them.

No Intent to RP (NITRP/Minging) - Trolling, Not Roleplaying and Baiting are all forms of “NITRP”.

Metagaming - Using any information you haven’t gathered while in role play to assist you in game. Example: Taking information from Discord and using it in game.

  • Do not use Discord to relay information to your friends from an RP Situation. They MUST be standing next to you or being involved with the situation from the start to be able to take any sort of action.
  • Our Official TeamSpeak 3 server is the ONLY valid Communications players can use "In-Character"
    • A Discord Call with your buddies is not valid In-Character Communications.
      • Citizens and players must be in our official TeamSpeak 3 server in one of the In-Character channels to validly transmit information to eachother.
      • If you are caught conveying sensitive information within RP to your friends in a Discord, Steam, Skype call or other means it is metagaming.
    • Gangs MUST be in their designated TeamSpeak channels.

Combat Logging (CLOG) - Combat logging is logging off or leaving the server whilst in combat or in an active RP situation

Powergaming - Forcing actions against another player without any anything to assist you or placing yourself in a position where you can not “lose”. An example is if you walk up to a person and tell them you have a gun pointed at them under your hoodie - but in reality, if you don’t your weapon pulled out at all.

Not Valuing Life (NVL) - Doing or causing actions that put your life in danger. For example, if 3 men have guns pointed to you and you decide to run this is considered NVL as well as other rule breaks.

Fail RP - Failure to roleplay. i.e. Someone is torturing you but you act unbothered

New Life Rule (NLR) - Once respawned you forget all previous life situations and events that occur. Example: A Robber kills you at your home, you see his face. When you respawn you cannot remember his face. You may return to your previous location after 10 minutes.

Initiation - All forms of roleplay but not limited to; Mugs, Kidnapping, Raids, Shootings, etc. must be verbally initiated. Example “Hands up!”. The only exception to this rule is if someone is lockpicking or breaking your property, dealing damage to you, or flashbanging you.

Re-Initiation - Initiating again on the same individuals or persons after being revived by EMS is not allowed.

Abuse/Exploit of Rules - You may not attempt to loophole or exploit the rules under any circumstances. Staff have the authority to define this term.

Adverts - You are only allowed to use /ads for roleplay purposes only. Example: Selling cosmetics at the

Anyone caught hacking, exploiting, cheating, and/or DDOSing will be permanently banned from all things associated with Defcon Gaming.

Stealing Government Vehicles - All Government vehicles are not allowed to be stolen with the exception of unmarked police vehicles.

IRL Exchanges - It is prohibited to exchange in-game items for real-life currency.

Crashing - Attempting to crash the server/or crashing the server will result in a permanent ban.

Scamming - Scamming is allowed with the exception of loot crate items and donation items.

Mic Spamming - Playing music/audio through your microphone excessively.

Disrespect (Flaming) - Disrespect to any individual on the server in an out of character event is not allowed. This includes staff members and can be entitled “Staff Disrespect”.


Combat Rules:


Players can not be forced to withdraw money from ATMs nor can they be forced to interact with NPCs.

In order to use snipers in any situation, you must announce you have snipers during negotiations.

The maximum amount of money you can mug people for is $1000, you must wait 10 minutes before robbing the same person.

When you’re robbing someone and zip tie them you must wait for EMS to revive and take their belongings and unzip-tie them not just leave them there.

There is no "numbers game" to gunpoint/initiation. If 1 person pulls a weapon first, you must comply with their demands, breaking this is considered NVL.

You are not allowed to re-equip armor during a gunfight. This will be considered FailRP if you do so.

Organization Initiation doesn’t exist, if you wish to initiate with friends you must join a gang.

You may not use communications devices whilst restrained, breaking this will be considered FailRP.

Government Employees may not be robbed, breaking this is considered FailRP. However, you are able to take Government Employees hostage.

You must wait 10 minutes in-between store robberies. Example: You rob the warehouse, you must wait 10 minutes before you can rob the gas station.

A hostage must be a real hostage and not a friend or an acquaintance, breaking this will be considered FailRP.

There must be 6 Officers (Police & SWAT) in order to jailbreak.

You can only escape prison if someone breaks you out, breaking this rule will be considered exploiting.

You must wait 30 minutes in-between jailbreaks to do another one.

Escalating a traffic stop is not allowed, this will be considered NITRP. Example: An Officer is pulling you over for running a red light, you get out of your car and kill him.

Whilst zip tied or handcuffed you may not interact with things you would normally not be allowed to. Example: Jumping out of a vehicle, Pressing a button, interacting with NPCs, Opening doors, etc.

If you crash your car and your car is disabled you may not get out and pull a weapon this will be deemed as FailRP.

If you intentionally crash your vehicle into someone else’s car, it will be deemed as NVL.

Once you are successfully tased by Law Enforcement you must heed to their commands and comply.

If an officer has you at gunpoint and pulls out his taser or handcuffs you may not pull out a gun this will be considered NVL.

There must be five officers online (Police & SWAT) to take one cop hostage.  There is a 20-minute timer to take another cop hostage.

Gang’s can not form alliances with one another. This will be considered FailRP.

Citizens and Gang Members are NOT allowed to work together. This will be considered Cross Ganging. 

Gang Initiation - If a gang member is in the direct vicinity and sees their fellow gang members in trouble/harm, then they are allowed to take action. If you are not in verbal or visual range, you must initiate separately.

Gangs must wear identifiable clothing that represents their gang. This is included in Gang Initiation

You may not use adrenaline while in active combat.

You may not use adrenaline more than once per life.

  • Abusing the adrenaline using un-named methods is considered exploiting.

Wall-banging is not allowed.

  • You can only shoot through wooden doors. 



Government Rules:


S.W.A.T. Do not have to follow NVL. If you point weapons at S.W.A.T. they may shoot back.

If an officer is in trouble/danger than an officer who sees that may fire upon the individual(s).

When Law Enforcement deems individuals “Code Red” this does not mean you may shoot on sight. You still have to initiate on the individual.

Any crimes committed as EMS is considered FailRP. EMS must remain neutral and thus not committing crimes, this also includes carrying fire-arms.

EMS must remain (100m+) away from any active situation until it is deemed “Code-4” by Law Enforcement.

AFKing as any Government job is not allowed and can result in a kick from the server.

Becoming EMS to heal yourself or get out of a situation is considered FailRP.

EMS/FD must not use personal vehicles, this will be considered FailRP.

EMS may not revive on scene unless there are 3 or more downed individuals on the scene.

Reviving during an active situation (Shots Fired, Hostages, etc.) is considered Combat Reviving.


Miscellaneous Rules:


Keep your names roleplay friendly. You may not make your name inappropriate.

Stealing any job-related vehicle is not allowed, exception of an unmarked police car(s).

  • A cop car becomes marked when the lights and/or sirens are on.

After running over someone, you must not proceed to rob them or use their unconsciousness to your advantage.

B-hopping or excessively/spamming the jump button is not allowed in any way, especially during a roleplay situation.

Using Cars for Non-Roleplay scenarios such as (Flipping Cars, Carrying Cars, etc.) is considered FailRP.

You can not have a base which has a kill tunnel/kill trap inside of it.

Prop Blocking or Prop Killing is not allowed whatsoever.

If you are detained at the time of server crash, you MUST come back to the Sheriff’s Department unless you are told otherwise by the arresting officer. You MUST come back to the PD with the same items you had when you were first arrested, dropping any of your illegal items or clothing before returning will be considered FAIL RP.

DOJ Agents are not Law Enforcement Officers.

  • DOJ Agents cannot perform traffic stops.
  • A police officer must be present if a DOJ Agent is arresting someone.
  • DOJ Agents may not interfere or intentionally get in the way of the Sheriff's Office day-to-day operations.

It will be considered FailRP to cop bait officers. Example: Purposely running red lights, randomly shooting a firearm, etc.

You may not have a Police Skin on your car whatsoever, doing so will result in FailRP and you will get told to change the skin without compensation.

Tow Truck Drivers may not tow any government vehicle without the permission of the owner or police.

You are not allowed to craft while jailed, this will be considered exploiting because you are physically searched before being arrested.

Do not shoot cosmetics or lootcrates.


Green Zone Rules:

Greenzone rules are extremely strict and violations WILL NOT be taken lightly.


Strict Green Zones will be labeled with a “+” next to the green zone to symbolize it. Strict Green Zones are areas in which no forms of roleplay can be conducted. This includes but not limited to: Arrests, Gunfights, Robbing, Kidnapping, etc.

Green Zone Violation (GZ Violation) - This constitutes when an individual breaks rules inside of a green zone thus resulting in punishment.

  • You cannot sell weapons within a greenzone. (Mall Unit and Mall Kiosk are included.)
  • You cannot have your weapon out within a greenzone.
  • You cannot have your weapon on your back within a greenzone.
  • You cannot shoot or discharge your firearm within a greenzone.
  • Baiting/Trash Talking/Flaming or inciting a fight inside of a GZ will be considered a GZ violation.
  • Robbing the Gun Store and running into the Mall is a Greenzone Violation.

You may have weapons out if you are within Mall Unit or Kiosk IF:

  1. You are being raided.
  2. You are raiding.
  3. You are a cop responding to either situation.

If you are involved or start a situation outside of a Greenzone and bring it into a Greenzone, you will be punished for violating Greenzone rules.

25m around any NPC is considered a semi-greenzone. Meaning it is a green zone unless you were involved in a situation outside of the GZ.


Green Zones:


  • Spawn (+)

    • Any Car Spawn

    • Player Spawn

  • VIP Room (+)

  • Mall

    • Mall Garage (+)

  • Hospital

  • Fire Department

  • Police Department

    • Vehicle Garage

  • Bank

  • Car Dealer (+)

  • Court House (+)

  • Car Repair Shop (-)

  • Gas Station

    • Exception of a store robbery.

  • Grocery Store

  • Casino (+)

  • Real Estate

  • Gang Hideout (-)

    • If shots are fired cops are allowed to respond

  • Clothing Store

  • Electronic Store

  • Gun Store

    • Exception of a store robbery.

  • Hardware Store

    • Exception of a store robbery.

  • Furniture Store

  • Tow Truck Yard (-)

  • Taxi Spawn

  • Bus Spawn

  • UPS Spawn

  • Sales Truck Spawn




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Its time, the rules have undergone COMPLETE redoing. I suggest re-reading all of the rules. 

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Added, 12/21/2019


Very important roleplay rules:

  1. Being a toxic player will result in a 5+ hour ban without question.
    1. Talking trash to players who you killed or arrested will not be tolerated. 
    2. Players can record other players doing this and request for them to be banned.
    3. Be respectful to each other or don't play on our server.
  2. No homophobic, racist, sexist, political/religious discrimination of any kind. This is a big no-no and will not be tolerated in any way or form.

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