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  2. caden

    @TheJinx content lul
  3. James Mira

    MilitaryRP is my vote
  4. Will Willson

    pretty cool update!
  5. Squidy

    1942 yes please, also a zombiebreak would be cool, don’t know if you heard of it before
  6. caden

    btw for all that did not know @Dave Jones helped me type this out. cuz I stopid
  7. MagicTits

    1942. enough said
  8. Tig

    more anime
  9. santa

    a 1942 server would be call what about the old 'Zombie' summer project that was made and never fully released?
  10. AllahuAkbar

    I would def say either 1942 or Military
  11. Tobubas

    Sick The context menu is also sick, but maybe make the icons smaller. The skill ones are fine, the rest are too massive.
  12. Remembered I had this cute photo of me on holiday. 
    #Holiday #SummerBody


  13. Bill Nye the Nazi Spy

    Oh heck yeah a 1942 rp would be sick I would side with the Germans and slay some allies. Also MilitaryRp would be a nice change I feel like it would take the good parts of police and Santos and combine them.
  14. Recently we have been wanting to start new Garry's Mod server projects and wanted to get some community feedback on what we should do next. Comment what you think we should do here. Here are some ideas that we have been thinking about: - 1942RP - MilitaryRP - TDM type gamemode
  15. AllahuAkbar

    Best update ive seem in a while good work
  16. Wallis Finstin

    I love the in game computer
  17. Squidy

    You can never have to many
  18. Muscle

    Dang, I wish I had that many skill points
  19. TheJinx

    I can understand B I k e. S b u t. W e. D. I d N t. N ee e D. M o r e. F. U c k I N G. C a r. S
  20. Tig

    yah gonna the take horse
  21. [PG] xDARUMAH

    o mai gad very naice
  22. POLICE ROLEPLAY 5/21/2019 [Additions] Brand new Context Menu ( Uses same inventory ) Police now have an in-game computer system New Vehicles 4 Bike's - Kawasaki Ninja Bike , KTM Duke Dirt Bike , Sanchez Dirt Bike , Yamaha Dirt Bike 2 Car's - Subaru WRX STI 2015 , Cadillac CTS-V 2016 Drug Guide book’s [Changes] New Tow Truck Changed from [Dodge Ram 3500 Tow] to [Ford F-500 Tow] Please message @Sgt.Val if you find anything wrong with this update. Comment what you think about the update here.
  23. Yesterday
  24. Maybe

    "SlaveRP Staff"
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