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  1. Graag

    Skrupple's Application for Commander

    +1 Great Guy Can 100% lead well Activity isn't amazing, but he is in no way inactive
  2. Graag

    Chat's Application for Gearshift

    Okay, I’m glad to hear that.
  3. Graag

    Chat's Application for Gearshift

    +1 NCO Active Improved reputation Has been excited for Marksmans since they came out
  4. Graag

    Ash Sagar's Application for 104th Officer Sinker

    Neutral Not an officer Much better canidate for the position in my opinion.
  5. Graag

    TheBetterTobias's Application for Commander Cody

    +1 Active on 212th Great commander in 212th and 187th App is short but that doesn’t disprove anything you said
  6. Graag

    File on PFC Phrog

    LOADING FILE-- LOAD COMPLETE FILE ON PFC PHROG OF THE 74th Medical Corp "Phrog? Oh. Yeah, I make him clean the floor form time to time." - SGM Clik PFC Phrog was born on Kamino like every other clone trooper, sent out to Anaxes Shipyard to defend this essential base. He was trained as a...
  7. Graag

    D2Gaming's Application for Thire

    didnt mean to reply
  8. Graag

    PVT Tyrone Doe [501-140]'s Application for Hardcase

    Neutral Great guy Dedicated to your regiment Only a CPL Become an NCO and show some good leadership, then this is a +1. Good luck.
  9. Graag

    Creating FREE Forum Banners for DG CWRP players!

    +1 Actually amazing that you would make awesome art for free like this, its obvious you love the community. Keep up the amazing work.
  10. Graag

    zdm2014's Application for Boil

    +1 I originally was going to put a neutral but I decided to wait and I'm glad I did Great guy Became more active Really dedicated You have taken feedback greatly and I truly believe you would make a good Boil
  11. Graag

    Patty.'s Application for Commander Wolffe

    +1 active and your troops like you
  12. Graag

    verbics's Application for Commander Thorn

    +1 1st LT Is a lore char Ive only had one experience with you, but i can remeber my exact words being, "Thanks for handling this professionally"
  13. Graag

    212th Airborne Trooper bodygroups

    +1 I look stupid without a Kama I dont want to look stupid anymore
  14. Graag

    Louie's Application for Ki Adi Mundi

    +1 Pretty Active Good person You haven't been with 21st for long, But i believe you could lead them as you are a branch lead and I saw you're leadership as of recently. Good luck.
  15. Graag

    Joseph's Application for Commander Thorn

    +1 Officer in Shock Very Active from what I've seen, Seem like a nice guy