PoliceRP Update - 7/28/20
CloneWarsRP Update - 5/4/20
The long awaited Dark Wilderness update arrives...
SantosRP Update - 4/28/20
SantosRP Update - 3/14/20
Career Stats
CloneWarsRP Update - 3/5/20
The Fury of the Republic update brings new items and weapons

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  1. NoahG

    CloneWarsRP Parting words, by your boi Paper

    Wow you added the kid shorter than his door, but not me? I see how it is. anywho gl
  2. NoahG

    Chat's Warn Appeal

    Simulations must not be started with the intention to kill a specific person/group(s) of people. A simulation can not be used to justify RDM.
  3. NoahG

    What is your Favorite Puzzle Game?

    Portal 2 is quite fun, but I find it a little too easy. If you don't mind playing a old game I recommend Bookworm Adventures.
  4. NoahG

    Sour's Application for 104th Commander Wolffe

    +2 Also hates british people
  5. NoahG

    SantosRP Rules

    SantosRP Rule Update Monday, September 21st, 2020 [Added] Under “Combat Rules” You may not mug someone if there is not 1 or more Police on.
  6. NoahG

    Max Stiner DFP and FFL app

  7. NoahG

    The People of Santos VS LSSO (Sean Sticks)

    Case shall proceed at 8pm EST on Sunday September 13th 2020. The LSSO shall send Pablo Reddington or in his absence a BAR certified persons to the courts for trial. Noah Ochoa Chief Justice - Department of Justice -
  8. NoahG

    [DOJ] Appeal Filing Template

    Please See the Court System before posting here. This is to appeal a ruling. NOT Tickets/Arrests. TOPICE: Name - Civil/Criminal/Warrants Appeal ### COPY BELOW THIS LINE ### Defendant Name: Legal Representative: Prosecution/Plaintiff: Presiding Judge: Conviction (charges): Conviction...
  9. NoahG

    Gamemaster Restructure

    This isn't a Minecraft server, no need for 30+ Gamemaster ranks. This is just stupid imo.
  10. NoahG

    The Best Server I've Been With

    @Circle I see how it is.
  11. NoahG

    RE-Ban Appeal With Screenshots

    Try Now.
  12. NoahG

    Ban Appeal for PoliceRP Discord

    Were you banned off the CWRP discord by a chance. EDIT: Your not blacklisted nor are you banned.
  13. NoahG

    PlayStation 5, Or Xbox Series X?

    I don't want a fridge, nor a panini press.
  14. NoahG

    NoahG's Application for Fireball

    @Chrono @verbics I added some more information/content.
  15. NoahG

    NoahG's Application for Fireball

    I totally understand. If I happen to see you I'll make sure to introduce myself!