PoliceRP Update - 7/28/20
CloneWarsRP Update - 5/4/20
The long awaited Dark Wilderness update arrives...
SantosRP Update - 4/28/20
SantosRP Update - 3/14/20
Career Stats
CloneWarsRP Update - 3/5/20
The Fury of the Republic update brings new items and weapons

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  1. Sgt.Val

    Police Roleplay Changelog - 5/13/2020

    POLICERP ROLEPLAY 🛠 New Job Casino Owner All the gambling machines on the server go through your wallet wins and losses Costs $500,000 to unlock the job You can purchase extra machines to place around the map If you run out of money you will be auto demoted and any available funds you have...
  2. Sgt.Val

    Police Roleplay Changelog - 5/6/2020

    POLICERP ROLEPLAY 🛠 New Job LSD manufacturer Costs $250,000 to become The job will be available the next day as staff will make adjustments before its available for everyone 🛠 New Motorcycles added to the car dealer Bati Sportsbike $265,000 Nemesis $150,000 🛠 New ambulance for the...
  3. Sgt.Val

    SantosRP SantosRP Changelog - 4/28/2020

    SANTOS ROLEPLAY 🛠 New Phone has many useful features and is far more updated Call other players by dialling their number Advertisements right on the phone GPS Application to find places (F2 does this as well) And more... 🛠 Job bonus pay Certain jobs now pay you a bonus every 45 minutes...
  4. Sgt.Val

    Police Roleplay Changelog - 4/19/2020

    POLICE ROLEPLAY 4/19/2020 Bitcoin Miners 2 VIPs get access to server racks we may need to adjust prices later State Police can now see 911 calls and other notifications They also now have the confiscation swep message me if anything else is missing New drug dealing system Become...
  5. Sgt.Val

    PurgeRP Purge Roleplay Changelog - 4/17/2020

    PURGE ROLEPLAY 4/17/2020 Double XP and Doubled Drug money this weekend ONLY! Ends 4/19/2020 (Sunday Night) Purge Juggernaut re-amped New Mini-Gun and Playermodel Has 250 Armor and 500 Health He now moves very slow You earn $15,000 for killing the juggernaut Opium Manufacturer Now...
  6. Sgt.Val

    SantosRP SantosRP Changelog - 4/14/2020

    SANTOSRP 4/14/2020 Keep an eye on the #Dev-Tracker on Discord as we just post a full changelog on here once we complete a lot of edits Pretty much just a recap of what was done recently Easter Event will be disabled Thursday night. So last chance to get those items! Two New Sheriff...