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  1. Dr.Phil

    Dr. Phil's Expungement

    Defendant Name: Dr. Phil Legal Representative: Dr. Phil Prosecution/Plaintiff: lsso Presiding Judge: n/a Conviction (charges): warning put on license Conviction Date:9/16/2020 Arresting Agency: lsso (no arrest was made) Arresting Officer: Ack K. Justification of Appeal: false warning [...
  2. Dr.Phil

    Compensation request - Cletus Jones

    In-game Name: Cletus jones Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:41586699 What are you requesting that we compensate: I had around 70 million dollars worth of cars that are all gone now. Most were removed from the server entirely and some are in the dealership with reduced prices. I had both 25 million dollar...
  3. Dr.Phil

    SantosRP | Suggestion | job changes

    Problem: Whenever you spawn in your work car it deletes your current car making it to where you have to walk to a car spawner once you get off job. Solution: MAke it to where whenever you get off job a car spawner menu pops up Benefits: WOuld make it to where you don't have to walk far. It would...
  4. Dr.Phil

    SantosRP | Suggestion | Updated PD Database

    Your name: Dr. Phil Topic of suggestion (Server, Code, Map, Weapon/Inventory, etc.) server/pd Describe your suggestion: I think that when you look up a name in the police database it should show other licenses. By this I mean that if someone bought a license from a judge, such as the weed...
  5. Dr.Phil

    Dr. Phil - LSSO Application - 5/18/2020

    Name(In-Game): Dr. Phil Date of Birth(IRL): 05/07/06 Current Age: 14 What is your current timezone?: CDT How active can you be?: I'm on all the time Why do you want to be hired into the LSSO? (50 Words): I want to be hired into the Los Santos Sheriff's office because I want to get the bad...
  6. Dr.Phil

    Billy Bob Joe - LSSO Application - 4/28/2020

    Im canceling my app
  7. Dr.Phil

    Shut Up - EMS/Fire Application

    In-Game name: Shut Up Steam ID: alexander_usmc Age:14 Time in the City: 17 hours and 30 minutes In 50 Words explain why you want to join the LSFRD: I want to join Los Santos Emergency services and fire services because I want to do more. I don't want to just sit around cutting down trees for...