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501st Carlos [CT-2988]


May 11, 2020
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File: CT-2988 aka Carl. Last updated: 25/05

Welcome again to the Those Lost to the Clone Wars!

As you have most likely seen, we have uncovered an amazing number of both Jedi Knights and Clone Troopers that served during the 3 year period of civil unrest in the
Galaxy! Bringing the amazing stories of those lost via the HoloNet!

Today we bring you CT-2988 otherwise known as Carlos.

To get basics out of the way, Carlos was a trooper of the prestigious 501st attack battalion. Like, many of his brothers, Carlos participated in the battle of Geonosis in 22ABY where he was one of the first deployed to the dusty ruin of a planet. There, he managed to survive thanks to his superior training and knowledge from his time on Kamino. As being apart of the 501st, he embarked on many missions across the galaxy, from the battle of Christophsis to the core world conflict on Anaxes (from what we could gather).

Strangely enough, most accounts of this clone trooper come from his stationing on Anaxes. It is noted that he was a fairly quiet one. Keeping to himself most of the time, never fond of speaking over comms or being loud and obnoxious. Despite that, Carlos was a soldier that would always get the job done to the very best of his ability, with this perfectionist mindset and straight forward attitude, he often noted how much he hated other troops spouting nonsense during a battle.

While stationed on Anaxes, Carlos became an exceptional soldier for the Republic. He branched out into medical work, honing his expertise as a frontline medic for some time. Ensuring everyone got back up and ready to fight the good fight. After being recognized for his efforts and promoted to SSG, he decided to transition into the highly elite forces of Torrent Company. As a Torrent trooper, he took pride in his ability to shoot down Separatist droids with shocking accuracy with his trusty 773 Firepuncher, his favorite firearm.

Now why was this weapon his go to? Well, from what we could find, it was due to an encounter with Clone Force 99 (Bad Batch) member Crosshair. During one of Carlos's countless training sessions at the firing range, Crosshair came and showed off his mastery over the 773. Awestruck by the accuracy and addictive "burnt" smell after firing, Carlos inquired about the rifle and was thoroughly hellbent on acquiring one himself from the Republic Vendor as soon as possible. From then on, his prize and joy never left his side.

One of his most "interesting" encounters while on Anaxes was the smuggling of illegal goods by the crew of the Millenial Lobster. Somehow these pirates managed to infiltrate the base and provide many addicted troops some "goods". With being the highest-ranking 501st at the time, Commander Doom called Carlos up to the detainment cells in regards to 501st trooper Kije. After some "ethical" intel extraction the two managed to find that Hardcase was also involved with the pirate smugglers and that their Captain was a Wookie. Commander Doom and Carlos held a brief meeting for all troops on base to inform them of the situation and have everyone checked out in Medbay. Funnily enough, both Repcomm Siem and Doom were found to have death sticks in their systems. Those of the Millenial Lobster flew off-world in their Corellian YT-1300f light freighter.

(We managed to discover this image in the archives)

Sadly, things turned for the worse after the massive invasion of Anaxes that forced the base to go into Sec Level "0". Pushed back to the brink, all Republic forces were trapped, as the CIS Munificent Frigates and Providence class destroyers continuously bombarded both Aux and MHB. Making matters worse, Trident class assault ships pumped wave after wave of droids into the base. Luckily, every battalion was able to fend off the Separatist invaders and win the day. But, just shortly after this event, Carlos fell into a deep coma and was sent back to Kamino for medical care and remained on his homeworld for some time. Thanks to the ingenious medical engineering of the Kaminoans, Carlos soon recovered and returned to his station on Anaxes but had to start from scratch all over again.

Back to being apart of the 501st once again, Carlos continued to have his 773 Firepuncher sniper rifle by his side. Yet, due to his trauma, Carlos preferred to take a more supportive role as an overwatching sniper specialist during the waning years of the Clone Wars.

20200525104700_1 (2).jpg
(one of the older photos we restored)

But this is all we have managed to gather on CT-2988. If we manage to dig up more, we will certainly update his file! So stay tuned for more information on all those forgotten!

This has been Those Lost to the Clone Wars!


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Mar 16, 2020
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They may have been lost, though they will not be forgotten :D