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Arbiter's File [CT-8936]


Apr 13, 2020
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CT-8936’s File
Do not distribute.

ID Number - CT-8936

Rank at the time of death - 1st Lieutenant

Height – 1.84 Meters [Roughly 6 feet]

Affiliation – Officer of the 74th Medical Regiment in the Grand Army of the Republic


CT-8936 was born and trained on the water planet Kamino and immediately formed a strong bond with his so called "pod-brothers". While struggling at first, his team passed the infamous Citadel simulation thanks to the excellent teachings and overall kindness and patience of their trainer, Ludwig Humboldt, Galaxy famous field Medic whom fought in the Old Republic, from which CT-8936 learnt the ropes and a the basics of a long forgotten language from the Outer Rim (Which includes words such as "Danke", "Nein" or "Wie ist es Ihnen denn so ergangen?") along with a very noticeable accent (Which often times replaces the letter "T" with a"Z").
The first notable battle in which he partecipated was the C.I.S Assault on Kamino, where he stood his ground proudly with his brothers. During the fighting he witnessed the death of his teacher due to crossfire.
This left the Clone in pure shock for the remaining part of the battle, apparently blaming himself for not warning
Ludwig about the incoming danger.
Despite the heavy casualties, the battle was swiftly won and CT-8936 underwent heavy therapy sessions, even a Tier 3 memory wipe but regardless of this he still vividly remembers the whole battle.

Since then he follows his teacher's footsteps and, like him, studied Mandalorian culture and eventually became a Medic in the Grand Army of the Republic, rising to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant in the course of his deployment at the Anaxes Shipyard.
He has established an almost family-like bond with his new brothers in arms and superiors and likewise he has earnt the respect of his fellow troopers.

Notable Qualities or Activities:

  • Nicknamed “Arbiter” by on field personnel.
  • Above average skill in combat.
  • Acceptable Leadership skills.
  • Assisted in the creation of various documents.
  • Subject is deceased as of 13/06/xxxx

- Addendums -

-= Clearance accepted =-
CT-8936's Hate for Force users has caused issues during his deployments, such as angering a Dark Force User and thus causing an innumerable number of casualties or even plotting against Jedi whom hadn't treated him with respect. While 8936 has since corrected this "habit", it will be subject of his next mental evaluation.
-= Clearance accepted =-
During a recent visit to his Homeworld, CT-8936 accidentally spilled the contents of his side bag including a well-worn Commlink containing tons of combat logs and classified information taken throughout various operations and surgeries was found and retrieved by Kaminoan staff.
The file that stands out the most is a combat log written by CT-8936 of
Operation [-------]. The file held a very detailed description of a hostile engagement with a Dark Force User (Described by CT-8936 as a “Crazed, blood thirsty, Lightsaber wielding lunatic”) and the brutal deaths of roughly 3/4 of his team at the hands of said Force User.
It is also important to point out that since this event, he has given himself the nickname of “
Arbiter”, meaning “Judge” or “A person who settles a dispute or establishes authority over a matter”.

Note: Punishment for stealing classified Repubblic Data will be carried out on his next visit to Kamino.
-=Kaminoan Staff Clearance accepted =
As 1LT Arbiter carried out his routine visit to his homeworld, he was apprehended by on-site staff and terminated with the aid of the Kaminoan security force, executed for "Unveiling classified documentation". Arbiter's equipment has been retrieved and distributed to nearby Troopers.
This was his final log
"[...] And while I am aware that going back home will result in my death, I want this log to be a Vessel for someone else: Follow what you truly believe in, no matter if you Commander says it's wrong or some dumb civvie criticizes you, if you've got an idea you genuinely think is good, carry it out no matter what. Arbiter out."

Final Evaluation :
Asset termination has been carried out.

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