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Beginners Guide to Roleplay in DG CWRP!


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May 7, 2020
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(Information has been condensed to avoid intimidating new-players.)

DG CWRP Discord Server: Discord Link!


Table of Contents - S1
What is Roleplaying? - S2
How to Roleplay in DG CWRP - S3

◦ Playing a Character - S3.1
◦ Roleplaying with Others - S3.2
◦ Proper use of Chats - S3.3
◦ Understanding Roleplay vs Multiplayer - S3.4
Fail Roleplay - S4
Useful Roleplay Commands - S5
Roleplay Opportunities - S6


Roleplay is to assume a character’s unique traits, habits, relationships and personality while interacting in an environment both with yourself, and others in which you fully carry out that character’s life while maintaining their personality traits. Kind of a mouthful, I know. Let's break it down.

If you're new to the Roleplay scene, everything I just said is probably very intimidating. I'm here to reassure you that you do not need to worry! Defcon Gaming's Clone Wars RP is very accepting of players new to the RP scene, so long as you've done your research and you come in prepared. The level of roleplay on the server is very light-moderate so don't expect to be faced with some next level reincarnation of Shakespeare typing a novel a minute of roleplay actions, you'll be fine.

We will go more in-depth of how to roleplay in S3, but do know that roleplaying on CWRP is a great place to begin as mostly everyone... plays the same character! (For the most part, we're all Clones!) And there's tons of resources that can help you understand how clones interact with their surroundings. Wikipedia, and the Clone Wars TV series is a great way to begin!

When you're roleplaying, the most important thing to understand is that you're no longer yourself, you're playing a character. Kind of a weird concept at first but, you get used to it. This means that the character you're playing has their own name, nickname, and things to do. The world of DG CWRP is very rich with lore and people for your character to meet, along with tons of content to explore!

As previously stated, if you're still confused, roleplay will be expanded upon more in S3 (Section 3)


If you've gotten this far, congrats! You're only a few steps away into exploring the wonderful world of Clone Wars RP.
Below you will find four subsections that goes over roleplaying in DG CWRP, I encourage you to read through them all and not skim through any of the material as it is invaluable to new players!


Beginning to Roleplay on DG CWRP is very simple. Once you have joined the server, you are going to notice your character creation screen, this will give you the option to choose a first and a last name. Don't worry, you don't actually need to make a first name at this point. Take a few moments and think of a cool Clone Wars name that would be fitting of a Clone Trooper! It is heavily frowned upon to name yourself after a major lore character such as Captain Rex or Commander Cody so ensure that your name is original, and you are comfortable with it! Your name can be anything from a standard real life name such as "Luke" to something wacky and creative like "Creature" It's entirely up to you! Once you have become comfortable with your name, I recommend following this format to input it into Garry's Mod.

First Name: CT
Last Name: YourNameHere

After you go through the training process with a registered CT (Clone Trooper) trainer, you will receive your CT number (from 0-1000) and your new shiny armor!

After you've completed this task, you'll be thrown into our operating base (Currently
Anaxes) and this is where things begin to get intimidating. You'll see groups of clones roaming the halls. Entire regiments marching, rushing to the front lines! Clone Troopers boarding LAAT's to get into battle, and you'll realize that you are truly in the world of the Clone Wars. So where do you fit into all of this? That choice is entirely yours to make. This is where you begin to play your character. Talk to people! Talk to Commanders! Do anything a standard Clone would do, because that's who you are at this point in time. You're now free to completely explore the world around you and explore the opportunities you've always fantasized. That cool regiment you wish they expanded on in the Clone Wars and wanted to be a part of? head to a tryout! Divisions are always hosting tryouts (more information in S6) and you're free to play your character however you want. Attend operations, training's, battles and rise through the ranks of the Grand Army of the Republic.


Now that we've gone over roleplaying in general, and how to play a character, how do I roleplay with other people..? The honest answer? it's impossible to explain. Every RP scenario is different and unique in their own way, all you need to know is that when you are roleplaying with others, understand that roleplay is a two-way train. You're both people, you both have different goals and you both have different aspirations in the server. Express a give and take mentality, and you will enjoy your time here significantly more.

From a technical point of view, when you're speaking with other people you're expected to address them by their character's name. Even if you know someone personally outside of RP, they're no longer "Zachary" or "Turner" to you here. They're "CT-6433 "Crash"" or "CT-4001"Thrash"" here. Just remember that you guys are expected to remain in-character, and when you're roleplaying, address others by their proper names, ranks, etc. If you see a high ranking officer, salute, greet them! "Hello Sir!" You'll get the hang of it very quickly.

Roleplaying is not always going to go your way, sometimes you will lose, sometimes you will win. Make sure you always RP every scenario to the best of your ability and make sure you're always having fun, after all, we're all here to play a game.


In CWRP, you're expected to be in-character when you're using chat commands aside from the OOC chat. This means that, if you're using for example: /comms to report that you're returning to the base, make sure you always stay in-character and use them properly. (We go over all of the chat commands in S5) a good and bad example is posted below.

Bad Example: /comms 41st guys have RTB (returned to base), we will send u our findings on discord and 3 of our members crashed :(

Good Example: /comms The 41st has RTB! We are ready to present our findings, and three of our members were lost on our patrol!


Roleplay vs Multiplayer is the understanding that this isn't just a standard team death-match game., while you will still be shooting at things and interacting with your surroundings, if something happens to your character, you're not supposed to shrug it off and act like nothing happened. This isn't Call of Duty. Play your character. If he has a broken leg, act it out. Feel free to keep fighting but don't shrug something major in roleplay off because you want to improve your KDA. It's not like that here.

Fail Roleplay means that you've violated the core principles of roleplay and have done something wrong. Some examples of Fail RP are listed below:

Powergaming: Abusing mechanics, roleplaying outside of character traits or using means not actually in-game to gain the upper hand. These include but are not limited to:
◦ Talking/Organizing while dead
◦ Not using /me to notify someone of something they should notice in an active scenario. If a Shock Trooper were to use "/me he'd examine the clone for illegal drugs", and you said "/me he'd have none" while you actually had illegal drugs on your character, you'd be committing power-gaming! as that ST would have reasonably found that on your person.
◦ Not fearing for your life if you are threatened with weapons or any other means.
◦ Roleplaying you have unrealistic abilities (Such as roleplaying that you have the force when you are a clone.)

Metagaming: Purposely using or distributing information which your character would have no knowledge of in-game. Such as information that you obtained on discord, or through videos of other players.

RDM (Random Death Match): Attacking another player or group of players with no story/roleplay behind the encounter.

For more information on the rules, guidelines, etc about Fail RP & other infractions, please see the official CWRP rules and guidelines: CWRP Rules & Guidelines


/me (for character interactions such as: "/me he'd pay respect to the fallen clones" (also comes with a dice roll)
// (for out of character chat)
/comms (for in-game radio communication)
"T" menu, for emotes.
/c for calling a trainer to the training room
F10 for staff support
ALT+E interact with items as well as sit in chairs.
/st used to call a shock-trooper, a follow-up message is expected
/ads used to advertise an item in the chat, expected to be used for selling/buying
"V" used to cycle your voice range from Whispering - Talking - Yelling (the range in which people hear you)
F1 cycle between first and third person views.
"Y" will open chat, anything typed after this with no prefix will be a message in local-chat. (Local chat is IC)


Regimental Opportunities:

Republic Command -
Base Operations - The Republic Command exist to manage the Grand Army of the Republic and is comprised of experienced admirals and generals from Republic planets. Republic Command is the highest authority in the Grand Army of the Republic and are very respected among the Clone Troopers.

Shock Troopers - Military Police and Law Enforcers - The Shock Troopers serve to protect Republic property and maintain order among troopers stationed on Anaxes as well as other republic occupied worlds. They conduct hostage rescue operations, serve as guards in the Republic Judiciary Central Detention Center and conduct ID checks, searches as well as arrests.

74th Medical Corps - Passive & Combat Medics - The 74th are crucial to the Republic as they provide medical services across Anaxes and train regimental medics. Additionally, they perform surgery, check-ups, and examinations. The most appealing part of the 74th is the fact that their medics are spread out across all other regiments.

Arc Troopers - Elite Frontline & Operations - The Advanced Recon Commandos are among the most elite soldiers of the Grand Army of the Republic and are issued their own unique armor set, equipped with several components including an experimental version of the Phase II clone trooper armor.

Republic Pilots - Ground & Air Vehicle Operations - Republic Pilots are crucial to the success of most operations within the Grand Army of the Republic as they are tasked with flying ARC-170'S and LAAT's. They mainly focus on aerial combat and transporting troops to the front lines and other points of interest.

21st Nova Corps - Elite Frontline & Close Quarters - The 21st Nova Corps are considered to be of exceptional conditioning and discipline, and are trained to operate in very hostile environments. They are characterized by their unique cone-like heavy armor and are regarded as elite.

41st Elite Corps - Long Range & Infiltration - The 41st Elite Corps are characterized by their unique armor patterns along with their large arsenal of weaponry and equipment. They are the best of the best when it comes to scouting.

104th Wolfpack Battalion - Engineering & Frontline - The 104th Battalion, also known as the "Wolf Pack" are regarded as the best engineers on Anaxes and are equipped with a variety of tools and equipment that helps them with maintaining Anaxes's core features such as our generators.

187th Legion - Aerial Assault & Paratrooping - The 187th Legion are distinguished by the purple markings on their armor which match their General's unique purple lightsaber color. They're regarded as the best of the best in Paratrooping.

Doom's Unit - Heavy Weaponry Frontline - The Doom's Unit are characterized by their standard issue riot shields and Z-6 rotary blaster cannons. Their heavy infantry makes them essential in large scale operations.

212th Attack Battalion - Frontline Assault Regiment - The 212th are renowned for containing some of the best frontline assault troopers. They're known for their loyalty and renowned for their bravery on the battlefield.

327th Star Corps - First Contact Frontline - The 327th are known for being the first contact troopers in operations along with being characterized by their unique yellow armor all fitted with a standard kama.

501st Legion - Frontline Assault Regiment - The 501st are renowned for their courage, bravery, unconventional tactics and loyalty through the Galactic Republic, led by renowned hero of the Republic: Anakin Skywalker. They are characterized by their bright blue armor.

Republic Commandos - Elite Unit - The Republic Commandos are known for being specially trained and their unique Katarn-class armor which is equipped with a backpack where members keep their grenades, grappling hooks and sabotage gear in. They are equipped with the DC-17m interchangeable weapon system and the DC-17 hand blaster.

The Jedi Order - Donator Perk! (Master Tier+) - The Jedi Order is known across the galaxy for being peacekeepers. They only employ force-sensitive individuals into their ranks, and they are often trained from a very young age and master a mythical entity titled the "Force"

This guide was created, designed and written by: CowboyShane (PFC Breaker) - Noctis#1562
All graphics were fully created by me, inspiration from official DG graphics along with Battlefront 2 + TCW, screenshots are from TCW + Battlefront 2, inspiration from Nexus Forums posts, credit to Orthohex for the original design of the hallway lighting

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A staggering amount of effort went into detail and presentation good job!


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Very nice and detailed guide, no wonder this got 1st place lol.