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The long awaited Dark Wilderness update arrives...
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CloneWarsRP Changelog - 5/4/2020


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I have been up for nearly 30 hours straight as of writing this. This changelog was prepared 1 month ago, and whatever is on here is on here.
This update is CloneWarsRP's biggest update to date, and is the update that is now bringing the server out of it's long lasting Beta phase.
I would like to thank all of my staff and my dedicated players for getting us to this point, we couldn't have done it without you, the community.
If you truly care about what got changed, join the server and see what's new for yourself.

  • [ADDED] Version 2 of rp_anaxes_defcon
    • Base has been redesigned.​
    • New places to explore.​
      • New harvestables and items to collect.​
      • New stories and easter eggs to uncover.​
    • All barracks now have a standardized layout.​
    • Generator has been redesigned to give 104th a challenge without /me rp.​
    • Tons of more.​
  • [ADDED] New Crafting & Refinery Money Methods
    • New Tables: Jedi Meditation Table and the Extraction Table.​
      • Use the Extraction Table to extract ingredients from harvested items to use in refineries.​
      • Use the Jedi Meditation Table to decrypt Holocrons to turn into Holoshards.​
        • Get enough Holoshards to unlock special Jedi Cosmetics and Icons.​
        • Holocrons can be found in the Jedi Temple.​
    • New: Refineries!​
      • Pour in ingredients into a refinery to turn them into profit or useful items.​
      • Items such as Rikai Fluid, Bloody Rancors, or Deathsticks can be consumed to boost player stamina, thirst, or slows stamina drain. (Often with side effects!)​
      • Items such as Controlled Rhydonium, Snoruuk Powder, or Glasscap Powder can be sold for a large amount of profit.​
      • See this post for a tutorial on Refineries:​
  • [ADDED] NPC Loot Drops
    • NPCs will now drop specific items that will open up new crafting recipes.​
      • B1 Battle Droids drop B1 Scrap Metal, which allows you to craft a B1 Battle Droid Backpack and a B1 Trophy Belt.​
      • B2 Battle Droids drop B2 Scrap Metal, which allows you to craft a B2 Trophy Belt.​
      • Commando Droids drop Commando Plates, which allow you to craft a Commando Trophy Belt and a Vibrosword.​
      • Creatures such as Rats or Spiders will drop their respective items and will allow other craftables.
      • Collecting 50 of each NPC Drop will allow you to craft a Mastery Player Icon and a Mastery DC-20A Rifle.​
      • Tactical Droids drop Tactical Droid Heads, which can be used to craft Datapads, which can then be sold to the Scrapper or worn as Cosmetics.​
    • NPC Drops go directly into your inventory. The player that gets the killing blow on the NPC receives the item.​
  • [ADDED] New Lootcrate Items (Few are pictured.)
    • grievous.pngsneakybeaky.pngezpz.pngviper.pngpinkfury.pngashes.pngumbaran.pngnebulamk2.pngnebulahelmet.png

  • [ADDED] New information panel to the loading screen.

    [ADDED] The ability for Jedi Healers to see downed players.

    [ADDED] The RPS-4 to 212th Trapper, Waxer, and Boil.

    [ADDED] New Stretchers - Stretchers are now default to loadouts for ALL Medic classes, including Jedi Healers & Medical Jedi.

    [ADDED] 104th Heavy Trooper

    [ADDED] 104th, 501st, 212th, and 327th Engineers.
    Engineers are a trooper class that is able to build fortifications in the field. Regiments can work together to build FOBs.
    Among this addition, Medical Officer and Medical Commander can use the new Medical Tablet to build fortifications. (This is until Medical Specialist arrives.)
    Doom's Unit's Centurion Company have access to the Doom's Unit Tablet.

    [ADDED] New weapons to the 501st and 212th.

    [ADDED] New AT-TE (Now acts as a troop transport, no longer causes sound glitches.)

    [ADDED] Invisible Carryall to the Basic Crafting Table.

    [ADDED] IQA-11 Sniper to Weapon Smithing Table.

    [ADDED] New Weapon Mods to the Modification Table. (DC-15SAS Snubnose, IQA-6 Triple-Tap, A2M4, and the RHDY-42)

    [ADDED] New Item to Holiday NPC Stock, Rainbow Binoculars. Costs $5,000 Credits.

    [ADDED] New Egg Hunt Crafting Recipe, Egg Hunt Mastery Outfit. Costs 400 Baskets to craft.

    [ADDED] The Egg Hunt Easter 2020 Event!
    • Collect Easter Baskets found around the Main Hangar Strip.
    • Sell these Easter Baskets to the Holiday NPC CT-0412 'Bunny' or craft Easter Items at a Basic Crafting Table.
      Easter Event ends Tuesday morning, so get to grinding while you can!
    • The Hopper Unique Weapon - 25,000 Credits
    • Cherry Blossom Unique Weapon - 50,000 Credits
    • Easter Egg Icon Level 1 - 10 Easter Baskets
    • Easter Egg Icon Level 2 - 25 Easter Baskets & x1 Level 1 Icon
    • Easter Egg Icon Level 3 - 50 Easter Baskets & x1 Level 2 Icon
    • Medal of The Egg Hunt - 50 Easter Baskets
    • Egg Hunt Amateur Basket - 50 Easter Baskets
    • Egg Hunt Master Basket - 50 Easter Baskets & 1 Amateur Basket
    • Easter Grenadier Pauldrons - 200 Easter Baskets
    • Egg Hunt Mastery Rifle - 300 Easter Baskets
    • Rainbow Visor - 350 Easter Baskets

    [ADDED] New Standard Issue weapons to 327th K-Company and the entirety of 104th.

    [ADDED] Helmet Spotlight recipe.

    [ADDED] Medical Recharge Stations in SIM Rooms.

    [ADDED] Jek & Rys to the Lore Character Roster.

    [ADDED] 21st Nova Corps Special Operations Sub-Class - An elite squadron loyal to General Mundi and Commander Bacara specializing in experimental tactics and weaponry. AND Keller Company Officer to help manage the Keller Company.

    • Galactic Marine
    • Galactic Marine Assault
    • Galactic Marine Medic
    • Galactic Marine Marksman
    • Galactic Marine Officer
    • Keller Company Trooper
    • Keller Company Officer
    • Special Operations Trooper
    • Galactic Marine XO
    • Galactic Marine Commander

    [ADDED] 327th Star Corps Overhaul - Classes were rearranged and redone in terms of a few loadouts and new classes.

    • 327th Trooper
    • 327th Medic
    • 327th Medic ‘Barr’
    • 327th Officer
    • 327th Officer ‘Galle’
    • 327th Officer ‘Green’
    • 327th K-Company Trooper
    • 327th K-Company Officer
    • 327th K-Company ‘Cameron’
    • 327th K-Company ‘Deviss’
    • 327th Commander

    [ADDED] 41st Elite Corps Overhaul - Classes were rearranged and redone in terms of a few loadouts and new classes.

    • 41st Elite Corps Trooper
    • 41st Elite Corps Medic
    • 41st Elite Corps Scout
    • 41st Elite Corps Officer
    • 41st Ranger Platoon Trooper
    • 41st Ranger Platoon Officer
    • 41st Ranger ‘Cooker’
    • 41st Green Company Trooper
    • 41st Green Company Officer
    • 41st Green Company ‘Buzz’
    • 41st Green Company ‘Draa’
    • 41st XO
    • 41st Commander

    [ADDED] New Models for all regiments; Ricky's super HD models just weren't cutting it anymore. Hope you enjoy the new ones.

    [ADDED] New Shape Shifter hiding spots.

    [ADDED] New Experimental Loot Drops; If the server reaches a certain amount of players, players will get random items every hour.

    [ADDED] New Medical System; Medics now have new first aid kits that require recharges at Recharge Stations, which are found all around the map.

    • 2 in Outdoor and Main Medbay
    • 1 in each outpost
    • Recharge Stations refill every 20 minutes, max at 20 refills.
    • 1 player takes 1 refill, can take a refill when below 20% charge on their first aid kit.

    [ADDED] 5th Fleet Trooper & Officer to Republic Command;
    Replaces Guard and Crewman, 5th Fleet work alongside Shock when working on base or in the field, run errands for RepCom, Protect RepCom and assets, oversee missions for RepCom or Shock. You now go into 5th Fleet Trooper when joining RepCom, and then can go to 5th Fleet Officer or become a full Republic Command.

    [ADDED] New Weapon Mods
    • Kashyyyk Bowcaster; A triple-shot and very powerful Bowcaster.
    • Dual Overcharged DC-17; Take two Overcharged DC-17s and slap `em together.
    • Tusken Cycler Rifle; A heavy hitting Cycler Rifle that makes the regular Cycler look weak.

    [ADDED] New log modules for Staff to see jails, item drops, revives, etc.

    [ADDED] NPC HUDs: NPCs are all labelled to help out new players, also gives them a more aesthetic look.

    [ADDED] Preparation content for new update.

    [ADDED] Player Stats UI ( HUD shows Playtime and Total enemies eliminated )

    [ADDED] Switching Characters without rejoining VIA NPC ( Only available to superadmins until sour confirms it's working properly )


    [CHANGED] Server-wide Combat Meta
    • Players & NPCs now die quicker, with NPCs still holding a very, very slight advantage over players.​
      • This requires the need for tactics and thinking before situations.​
      • Armor is now much more viable, with 2 more tiers of Armor available to be crafted.​
        • Poor Armor: Gives 50 armor.​
        • Standard Armor: Gives 100 armor.​
        • Advanced Armor: Gives 150 armor.​
        • Experimental Armor: Gives 200 armor.​
      • These new armors can be crafted at the blue crafting table.​
      • Player vehicles such as LAAT/i, LAAT/c, ARC-170, ETA-2 and Delta-7 Star-fighters have been weakened.​
    • A vast majority of player-weapons have received a buff and other changes. There was a lot I changed, so here are the ones I remember.​
      • ALL Pinnacle Weapons sold by Shape Shifter are completely unmatched in terms of damage or versatility.​
      • Standard weapons that are native to classes such as DC-15A (Standard) or DC-15S (Standard) have been given a buff.​
      • Craftable Weapons on Levels 5-20 have been buffed.​
      • This change is to draw a clear line for good vs bad weapons in terms of combat, while still giving the basic ones some use.​
        • POOR: Standard/Native Weapons that classes spawn with.​
        • POOR: Craftable Weapons Levels 1-4​
        • OKAY: Craftable Weapons Levels 5-9
        • GOOD: Craftable Weapons Levels 10-19
        • GREAT: Overcharged Weapons
        • GREAT: Lootcrate Weapons (Specialized Tier)
        • AMAZING: Weapons crafted from NPC Drops.
        • AMAZING: Weapons sold by Shape Shifter.
    • NPC Health Values have been changed.
      • Rats have been buffed, and can no longer be one tapped by anything below the "GOOD" weapons.
      • Drop Pods have been weakened.
      • All basic droids such as B1s, B2s, B1 Officers, Tactical, and Commando Droids have been weakened.
      • All Aerial Enemies such as Tri-Fighters, Vultures, and HMP Gunships have been buffed to give droids an advantage for air superiority.

  • [CHANGED] Timeout Threshold: Garry's Mod added a new option for servers that gives players more time before they are kicked for lost connection. This is in hopes to fixing the Game Data issue & the server down screen problem.

    [CHANGED] Database: We gave the Clone Wars server it's own Database server. Before it was sharing a database with Santos, Purge, and Police. This is in hopes to fixing the Game Data issue.

    [UPDATED] WiltOS Saber System - - ! - Expect bugs, you know how the saber system is [Insert Pepe worried emoji here] - ! -

    [CHANGED] Diamond Storm Force Power from 500 damage per bolt to 50 damage per bolt.

    [CHANGED]ARC Fordo & Galactic Marine default bodygroups

    [CHANGED] 104th and 501st Jumptroopers to spawn with 125HP/125AP.

    [CHANGED] 74th, 212th, and 501st Heavy Troopers to spawn with 215 Armor instead of 125.

    [CHANGED] Cherry Blossom firerate from 2048 to 1000, damage from 28 to 19.

    [CHANGED] 501st Hardcase's Model

    [CHANGED] Buffed the OG DC-15A Set (Tipoca, Nebula, and Kachiro)

    [CHANGED] ARC Weapons were slightly buffed.

    [CHANGED] Part 2 of the Combat Oriented Overhaul.
    ALL Lore Characters, Jedi Classes, Commanders & Generals have received a generous HP/Armor buff to aid them in the rise of this combat overhaul.

    • Anakin buffed from 1500 to 2500 HP.
    • Tiplar buffed from 1500 to 2000 HP.
    • Kenobi buffed from 2500 to 3000 HP.
    • Shaak Ti buffed from 2500 to 3000 HP.
    • Plo Koon buffed from 2000 to 3000 HP.
    • Ki Adi Mundi buffed from 2500 to 3000 HP.
    • Mace Windu buffed from 2500 to 3500 HP.
    • Adi Gallia and Eeth Koth buffed from 1500 to 2750 HP.
    • Ahsoka Tano and Barriss Offee buffed from 1000 to 1500 HP.
    • Kit Fisto buffed from 2500 to 3000 HP.
    • Aayla Secura buffed from 2000 to 2750 HP.
    • Luminara Unduli buffed from 2000 to 2750 HP.
    • Rhinoz Raizem buffed from 2000 to 2750 HP.
    • Jedi Knights (+ Regimentals) buffed from 500 to 750 HP.
    • Jedi Guardian, Sage, and Consular buffed from 500 to 1000 HP.
    • Jedi Healer, Shadow, Sentinel, and Weapon Specialist buffed from 500 to 750 HP.
    • Jedi Guardian, Sage, and Consular Masters buffed from 650 to 1250 HP.
    • Jedi Healer, Shadow, Sentinel, and Weapon Specialist Masters buffed from 650 to 1175 HP.
    • Jedi Masters buffed from 650 to 1250 HP.
    • Jedi Padawans buffed from 375 to 500 HP.
    • All ARC Troopers buffed from 150HP/125AP to 200HP/175AP.
    • Colt, Blitz, Havoc, Hammer and Fordo buffed from 150HP/125AP to 300HP/250AP.
    • All Lore Commandos buffed from 300HP/150AP to 375HP/225AP.
    • Basic Clone Commandos buffed from 225HP/150AP to 300HP/150AP.
    • All Basic Lore Characters buffed to a standardized amount across all classes of
    • 175HP/175AP.
    • All Lore Commanders such as Rex, Cody, and their XO classes have been buffed to a standardized amount across all classes of 200HP/250AP.
    • Wookies have been buffed from 350HP to 500HP.

    [CHANGED] New Era weapons damages buffed by approx. 25%, greatly expanded clip sizes and fire rates.

    [CHANGED] Experimental weapons damages buffed by approx. 15-20%, expanded clip sizes to nearly double.

    [CHANGED] Fury weapons damages buffed by approx. 10%.

    [CHANGED] Intergalactic weapon damages buffed by approx. 20%.

    [CHANGED] Overgrown weapon damages buffed by approx. 10-15%.

    [CHANGED] Shock Specialist Loadout (Added grapple hooks, buffed speed. Will be giving them a new weapon soon™️ )

    [CHANGED] Clone Commando's DC-17m (Buffed clip, fire-rate and damage.)

    [CHANGED] 21st Spec Ops Trooper Model.

    [CHANGED] The Cherry Blossom stats: Clip size raised from 30 to 50.

    [CHANGED] Egg Hunt Master Rifle stats: RPM raised from 420 to 500.

    [CHANGED] The Hopper stats: RPM raised from 360 to 400. Clip size raised from 30 to 100.

    [CHANGED] Max Spawned Baskets (More baskets can be on the ground at the same time to help with congestion)

    [CHANGED] Aldarine sell prices.

    [CHANGED] Gauss Rifle, buffed damage to 195, restored fire rate back to what it was (50)

    [CHANGED] 41st IQA-12, buffed Clip Size and Fire Rate

    [CHANGED] 327th ARC Model

    [CHANGED] 41st Ranger to have the new NT Sniper, and Green Company has the new IQA.

    [CHANGED] Tusken Raider Cycler Mod Recipe: Upped the amount of Exonium needed to craft.

    [CHANGED] DC-15Z Gauss Rifle Damage, was 750 now ~185, Fire rate was 50 now 35.

    [CHANGED] Weapon Buffs:

    • ST-W48 was 16, now 45 damage.
    • 5th Fleet DC-15SH, Renamed to 5th Fleet Service Rifle, upped fire-rate.
    • Shock DC-19 'Crimson Legion' replaced by Shock Trooper Service Rifle.
    • Both LEGO Blasters buffed from 32 to 65 damage.
    • Limited Edition Bossk's Relby V-10 buffed from 50 to 90 damage.

    [CHANGED]Weapon changes:

    • DC-15Z Gauss Rifle was 90, now 475 damage.
    • 773 Firepuncher was 50, now 90 damage.
    • Tusken Cycler Mod upped to 750 damage.
    • Westar-M5 was 40, now 70 damage.
    • Westar-M2 was 35, now 57 damage.
    • Changed how various exotics like the DLT-19 and the T21-B are held.
    • Fixed a UI bug with Overcharged Dual DC-17s showing up as "Dual DC-17" in weapon selection.

    [CHANGED] Doom's Unit Bunker Buster and swapped it out for the DC-32H, a light machine gun that is much more viable than the Bunker Buster.

    [CHANGED] Last minute buffs:

    • A280 was 13, now does 28 damage
    • A280c was 12, now does 24 damage
    • A280-CFE was 20, now does 36 damage
    • DH-17 was 12, now does 28 damage
    • DLT-20A was 80, now does 110 damage
    • RT-97c was 26, now does 36 damage

    [CHANGED] nerfed the LAAT/i & LAAT/c, ARC-170, ETA-2 & Delta-7 Jedi Starfighters Health for more difficulty for pilots.

    [CHANGED] buffed Enemy/CIS Air AND Ground Vehicle Health.

    [CHANGED] Global Damage Values; Players now take quite a bit more damage than before from anything & everything.

    [CHANGED] Yoda Model

    [CHANGED] NPC Credit Bonus: Used to give 10 on kill, now gives 25.

    [CHANGED] All pain sounds: When a player is shot or takes damage it will no longer use the nasty HL2 noises. Jedi may be making the new clone sounds, this will be fixed as reported.

    [CHANGED] Tons of weapon buffs; started working on the changes for the upcoming update.

    • DC-15A; was 17 now 26
    • DC-15LE; was 17 now 28
    • DC-15X; was 80 now 95
    • DC-15S; was 16 now 27
    • DC-19; was 17 now 28
    • Shock DC-19; was 25 now 35
    • DP-24; was 16 now 30
    • Dual DC-17; was 26 now 36
    • Valken x38; was 35 now 45
    • Z-6; was 13 now 25
    • SE-44c; was 35 now 45
    • FWMB-10; was 26 now 38
    • E-44; was 15 now 24
    • 74th F-11D; was 45 now 55
    • DLT-19D; was 85 now 100
    • CR-2; was 25 now 35
    • CR-2c; was 27 now 40
    • Defender; was 25 now 35
    • DL-44; was 35 now 60
    • EE-3a; was 42 now 65
    • Hunter Shotgun; was 13 per-bolt, now 22 per-bolt
    • IQA-11; was 85 now 110
    • NT-242; was 115 now 130
    • S-5; was 17 now 30
    • S-5c; was 29 now 38
    • EL-16; was 25 now 45
    • EL-16HFE; was 30 now 48
      Glie-44; was 18 now 40
    • M-45; was 24 now 50
    • Overcharged DC-15A (+ Holiday Variants); was 30 now 58
    • Overcharged DC-15S (+ Holiday Variants); was 34 now 55
    • Overcharged DC-17; was 30 now 52
    • All Pinnacle Weapons have gotten their rightful buffs.
    • If it's not listed here, chances are I still buffed it or it will be buffed on full update.

    [CHANGED] Shock Thire model

    [CHANGED] 41st Models

    [CHANGED] Shock Riot and Specialist models.


    [FIXED] Medical ARC Trooper spawns with proper bodygroups.

    [FIXED] An issue with equipping items.

    [FIXED] The sound bug with player-equipped cosmetics making an earraping, fps-dropping sound.

    [FIXED] All Regimental Medics (And 327th Barr + 501st Kix) and Medical Jedi/Jedi Healers not being able to move stretchers.

    [FIXED] 212th Ghost Company not having armor. (Now matches Torrent Company.)

    [FIXED] An issue with the new 212th/501st weapons.

    [FIXED] An issue with Medical Astromechs not able to recharge First Aid Kits.

    [FIXED] Shock Jedi General Shaak Ti not having access to Shock radios.

    [FIXED] Shock Jek, Rys, and ARC not having the In-Game Radio.

    [FIXED] 327th ARC Missing the ARC Standard issue Pistol.

    [FIXED] Scout Backpacks not being sellable to the Astromech.

    [FIXED] Missing Head HUD Icons for 501st and 104th Jumptroopers & 104th Demolitions Trooper

    [FIXED] Shock Trooper Rys not having a nameplate on Head HUD.

    [FIXED] 41st Buzz & Draa spawning without lore character HP/Armor.

    [FIXED] 41st Ranger Officer and 41st Ranger Cooker spawning without cloaks.

    [FIXED] 41st Green Leader HP/Armor on spawn.

    [FIXED] Medical BARC Speeders not having stretchers.

    [FIXED] Yoda's saber blade being bigger than his entire body.

    [FIXED] Shock's Stun DC-17 pistol causing players to wakeup with exactly half of their health, every time.

    [FIXED] 41st Green Company & 41st Cooker not spawning with armor/HP.

    [FIXED] 327th Deviss & 327th Galle missing nameplate on Head HUD.

    [FIXED] 327th Barr & 41st Medic not being able to use recharge stations.

    [FIXED] Medical BARC Speeders not having stretchers.

    [FIXED] The respawn button sending players back to Training Room.

    [FIXED] 5th Fleet Bodygroups.

    [FIXED] First Aid Kits not being able to heal limbs when players are at full HP.

    [FIXED] An issue with Staff Logs not working.

    [FIXED] Weapon Selection menu showing up in vehicles.

    [FIXED] The Head HUD Player Icons not saving and needing to be re-equipped when joining.

    [FIXED] The Head HUD Kill Counter not saving.

    [FIXED] 5th Fleet Officers not being able to arrest players.

    [FIXED] 187th Lore Characters not getting on-spawn buffs.

    [FIXED] An issue with 74th Medical General Lightsaber using an odd hilt.

    [FIXED] An issue with 74th Medical General Lightsaber using an odd hilt.

    [FIXED] 104th Medic & All Doom's Unit Head HUD Icons.

    [FIXED] Missing playtime icon on the Head HUD.

    [FIXED] Weekend NPC chat message.

    [FIXED] An issue with the Republic Fury Valken x0F not equipping.

    [FIXED] An issue with Fordo.

    [FIXED] Missing icons for 41st Jedi, Shock ARC Trooper, etc.

    [FIXED] 187th Trooper 'Horns' not working at all.

    [FIXED] 187th Aerial Trooper showing up as an error.


    [REMOVED] Ghost Company Weapon from 212th Heavy - Wasn't meant to be there in the first place.

    [REMOVED] the sound of First Aid Kits.

    [REMOVED] the ability to give Stims from Medic Classes.

    [REMOVED] Doom Centurion Bubble Shields

    [REMOVED] Placeable Barricades (Shock, 104th, and Doom)

    [REMOVED] ALL Grenades to investigate a crashing issue.

    [REMOVED] The Grapple Hook's ability to "fish hook" other players.

    [REMOVED] Mack's Leak of this changelog
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