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CT-8264 (The Story of Doom Trooper Cale)


May 25, 2020
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I, CT 8264 was born 31 BBY, and was assigned to training squad C, which was nicked named "Can-Cell" Squad. The one who named our squad was our trainer, Mityaert Rurmass but we were told to just call him Mit. He was a Mandalorian who had become clan-less and turned to bounty hunting, had spent some time hunting a "Mark" on the Wookie homeworld of Kashyyyk. He says, that a "Can-Cell" was a lucky creature to spot by Wookie culture. When asked why he name us "Can-Cell Squad", his response was simply, "I think you di'kutla are as ugly as gundarks, but luckier that a Jetii. So you
ad'ikas get an ugly, lucky bug". Their was some truth to both of those remarks though. Our Heavy, had been in a training accident and been awarded a blast scar on his face. Funny enough Mit nick-named him Gundark because of his "beauty". Now the lucky part we didnt understand fully, sure we did better than most of the other squads but I didnt see how we were lucky, turns out I was the lucky one... but wouldnt find that out till the Battle of Kamino. Our squad had been in a half hanger (a landing pad that leads into a hanger) when the battle started, I lost all my brothers in that fight. When we started to push the droids back, one of the last rocket droids fired at the area where myself and other troopers and the resulting explosion threw me off the platform and into the cold waters. Strangely enough, I only sank for a short distance. A Triton assult ship was coming up to add reinforcements to the fight. But as it started to crest the surface, the craft took concentrated fire and was disabled before getting completely out of the water. I was luckily on the side that was above water, but I was stuck in something. When the SAR units came and got me, I was apparently stuck in a clump of Kale. I was brought up and sent to a medical baby, but word had spread that I was the one stuck in Kale. When I was approved to return to duty I had recieved the name, "kale". When I had gotten to our training room Trainer Mit was there to let me know that he was leaving kamino and that my squad had all died and was being reassigned to the Jedi Generals Tiplee and Tiplee. It was not a good day as I watched him leave, because for the first time ever, in a place where my face was everywhere I was alone. Being as they were my brothers, I decided that I was going to take the name and changed it slightly too remember them. well I took the name and Gundarks Z-6 which I later modified into the Z-6 that I now use. So from that day on, CT 8264 from Can-Cell Training squad became Doom Trooper Cale.