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File on CT-1863 "Breeze" [TERMINATED DUE TO TREASON]


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Mar 21, 2020
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Breeze was executed due to treason

Life on Kamino

CT Breeze was a reserve trooper on Kamino for the beginning of the war. He trained with his fellow reserve troopers in the PT Courses and The Citadel. He earned the Nickname "Breeze" for being able to Breeze through some of the courses. While he struggled on others. He wasnt the brightest or the most serious clone but he got his work done.
How he got to Anaxes
After Breeze served a short time on Christophsis he was called sent to Anaxes to replace one of the semi-permanent CTs. The trooper he was replacing was CT PVT Chat after he died of thirst due to MHB being shut and no medics nearby. Breeze quickly got at home on Anaxes meeting and fighting along side his fellow CTs.
Breeze's Strengths
Breeze is a semi-quick thinker to where he can quickly plan tactics or point things that others might miss. Hes a excelent shot with his OC DC-15A a gift from Chat. He is able to push through battles to win.
Breeze's Weaknesses

Breeze was born with a "different" mindset. Hes not the most serious clone when he wants to be. Hes not the best at following orders and sometimes doesn't take things serious at all. He likes to talk and talk about useless things sometimes. He tends to get in fights with some of the Jedi.
Breeze's Story on Anaxes so Far.
Breeze was quickly flown to Anaxes after Chats. Breeze's main goal as a CT is to help other CTs find the right battalion for them. Breeze was quickly given Chats collection of helmets and guns. Breeze was given access to Chats bank/storage to use it. Breeze found Chats unholy amount of Death sticks sitting inside and then pushed them further back. The next day Breeze was promoted to PFC. A feat that Chat couldn't accomplish in Two Months of being PVT. Now Breeze and his fellow CTs are preparing for the Crucible. The monthly Clone Tournament.
Reason for Execution

During off time on base he went to a call about one of his fellow CTs holding a CIS Blaster. When he arrived on scene shock immediately pointed guns at Breeze and ordered him to stay. Due to Breeze getting scared he ran off where he was chased by Jedi then later tazed and brought to the brig with another clone to be interrogated. Two other troopers showed up and broke Breeze and the other trooper out of the cuffs and gave breeze a CIS Gun. While in a standoff one of the clones took off his helmet to reveal he was a commando droid. Breeze quickly thought he would join them due to how he was treated by his fellow clones. A firefight immediately happened and Breeze went down. He was kept in the Medbay detainment room then he was escorted by Sev and Scorch and some other troopers to MHB to meet the Senate Commandos. He was immediately charged with treason on the spot and was set to be immediately executed. Scorch immediately started shooting along with Sev. Breezes body was then burnt by Commander Gree and disposed of.
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Mar 21, 2020
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