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Gamemaster Restructure

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Mar 15, 2020
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Very cool, thank you Kanye.

On a serious note, if you wanted to provide input, I’d be happy to receive.
  1. We are not your average DarkRP server. Being a Gamemaster gives you a LOT of power on our server, among this power bringing things that you can spawn in that can crash the server, ruin player experiences, and much more. That is something that is locked behind a staff time-wall after you put in months of dedication and have earned the trust of the team and management. Not just a few plus ones from apes on the forums.
  2. Why would we add several ranks on top of being a trial gm. There is no need for a Head, Veteran, Ultra, Elite, Master etc. Gamemaster when the current system works perfectly fine. Management controls and leads Gamemasters, and Gamemasters lead the Trial Gamemasters. There is no further necessary rank additions that should be in place. Any more than what we have now will not only cause confusion, but also INCREASE the workload on our Gamemaster team.
  3. Why would we allow EVERYONE to be a Trial Gamemaster just to help be an event character or structure events. Players (everyone) can already become Event Characters depending on the event or Gamemaster. Staff who are interested in gamemaster put in the effort to help out with events since THEY want to be Gamemasters in the future. Staff and even players already suggest events, stories, and structure for gamemasters to utilize.
  4. You claim its hard for management (or eventually will be hard) for management to manage Gamemasters, Staff, rules, etc. when Gamemasters themselves already assist where they can. We have 4 total Server Manager slots, 3 of which are already filled along with 2 Head Administrators that uplift that workload already.
In the end, your suggestion is whatever to me. I've heard it repeatedly since the server has opened, and I won't change it. Paying for gamemaster on other servers, or applying for the rank on another doesn't make the rank as prestigious and elite as it's meant to be since Gamemasters are the heart of the server's core.

With that being said, this topic is now locked.
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