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Jedi Guardian Grids Story


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Mar 21, 2020
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Name: Grids
Branch: Guardian
Planet Origin: Trandosha
Date of Birth: 41 BBY
Date of Death: 19 BBY
Place of Death: Mustafar

Grids was born on the Planet of Trandosha, the planet of the reptilian race Trandoshans. Grids wasn't named Grids when he was born. His name use to be Ragnoth Resk. His father was Tragorisk Resk. Grids force ability was discovered at a very young age of 6 years old which is very young for a trandoshan. A Jedi Seeker named Cor'lak Retor came to Trandosha and found the young Grids. His father wouldn't allow him to be trained because Tragorisk's cousin who was a bounty hunter was killed by a jedi. After a few hours of arguing and discussing Tragorisk finally let his son go train to be a jedi. After one last goodbye Grids went to be trained as a jedi. Grids learned very fast. He knew his way around the Templein a very short time and knew his way with maps and got nick named Grids by his fellow younglings. He kept the nick name and stuck with it. After becoming a padawan and getting his new kyber crystal, he was chosen by Jedi Knight Nyx to be his padawan. After many years of training Nyx and other Jedi, Knights, Masters, and other padawans and younglings noticed he was very skilled in lightsaber combat and much more, they all knew he would become a great Jedi. Nyx knew he was ready for the trials and Grids had passed. After time his master had gone MIA and was later presumed dead. Grids continued on and decided he wanted to be a jedi guardian. He tried a few times but failed but he didnt give up. Grids was stationed at Anaxes along with other Jedi. One day a Dark Force User and a BX Commando Droid had taken Senator Amidala hostage. The DFU wanted 5 sith holocons which Ihe had brought to the DFU. The DFU lied about leaving once receiving the holocrons. He released Senator Amidala but he caused havoc. The BX was shot down by clones and the Jedi were tracking down and fighting the DFU. The DFU was spotted at farms and he was the first to leap into action. The DFU was taunting and chasing after a medic and a CT. Grids arrived and the DFU focused more on Grids than the clones. Grids made a wrong move, the DFU had cut Grids right arm off and blinded him. More Jedi arrived and the DFU was defeated but Grids was badly injured and had to get a new prosthetic arm. Grids, after his blindness went away after a week, studied more about his race and learned that they could regenerate limbs. Grids decided to take the prosthetic mechanical arm off and waited two weeks to see if it would regrow. Nothing... Grids took a blood test and he had a rare condition where he couldn't regenerate limbs. Grids stuck with the Prosthetic and trained a padawan who passed knight trials. Grids was re stationed to Anaxes and continued to fight off against the CIS attacks. One day the CIS attacked Zeta and a Frigate had starting bombarding the base. Grids was caught amongst the bombardment and he was severely wounded, burned, scarred, and part of his face burned off. Grids was put under intensive care and had special surgery to cover the part of his face that was burned off. That making part of his face mechanical and he had a special respiratory breathing device. Grids went to Guardian tryouts again for the fourth time and passed. Over time he defeated many DFU's and took on 2 more padawans. One passed, the other was still being trained. On the day his padawan would go to knight trials something terrible happened. The Clone War was near its end with the death of Count Dooku and soon... General Grievous. On one faithful hour, disaster had struck. Jedi at the temple had felt immense pain and felt loss. Order 66 was executed. 501st troopers and the Jedi Anakin Skywalker had stormed the temple, killing younglings, masters, knights, and many jedi. Grids defended a group of younglings witht he help of his padawan. His padawan was shot dead along with the younglings. Grids suddenly had a huge sense of anger and used the dark side of the force. He killed every single clone in his way... watching many jedi getting gunned down. He left the temple but was then surrounded by Shock Troopers, 501st troopers, and 4 Gunships. All about to fire but Grids in his rage, again used the dark side and crushed the armor of the clones, the Gunships as a whole and killed them all. He was surrounded again by more clones and knew it was the end. The clones were ordered to instead stun Grids and not execute him. Grids was taken to the planet Mustafar. He was to become an Inquisitor. He went through immense torture but wouldn't give in. He used the dark side again and broke out of his torture chamber. He used the force to kill stormtroopers but felt a cold. He was alone and felt strong hatred and anger. Then there was breathing. Out of the shadows was a sith lord named Darth Vader. Vader wanted to test Grids might. He handed him his lightsaber. Grids fought against Vader but stood no chance. He wsa struck in the heart by Vaders lightsaber. Killing the Trandoshan Jedi.


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Apr 23, 2020
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