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Jedi Padawan Raiden Falconer

Raikou Falconer

May 4, 2020
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Name: Raiden Falconer
Branch: Jedi Padawan
Planet of Origin: Brentaal IV
Date of Birth: 35 BBY
Date of Death: 19 BBY
Place of Death: Kashyyyk
Regiment: Currently unaffiliated


Raiden was a Force sensitive human, born into one of the ruling houses on the planet Brentaal IV. The Falconer house was relatively young in comparison to the other ruling houses, due to their relatively new establishment as a successful trade guild. He grew up being relatively isolated, dedicating himself to studious pursuits and getting an understanding of the workings of the Falconer guild, which specialized in the creation of security technology, in the form of hyperspace inhibitors and scanning technology. However, this calm life came to a quick end during the Clone Wars.

During the first year of the Clone Wars, a clan leader from Brentaal that had allied himself with the Separatist Alliance, in essence named himself warlord of Brentaal, through the support of the Separatists and the rallied citizens of Brentaal. He rallied them against what was described as "a corrupt Republic". Soon enough, as conditions on the planet worsened, the Republic intervened. At the same time, another one of the governing houses saw their chance to usurp one of the younger houses while everyone else was distracted. And who else would House Okeefe target other than house Falconer, who made the equipment that made their supposedly unaffiliated smuggling business so difficult?

One of their younger members, another Force sensitive human male made his way inside the Falconer home, and went on a killing spree using his strange method of manipulating the Force; by manipulating fire with it. Raiden found himself faced with the horror of a burning serpent of flame curling down his mother's throat. However, at the same time, Jedi Master Plo Koon had burst through the door, having sensed the presence of the Dark Side that the young Okeefe member emanated. However, he was not prepared for the flaming Force push that was sent the master's way. Raiden was frozen in fear at the Okeefe house member. This... creature. And that day, something snapped in the young man, as he reached out a hand and finally harnessed his deep rooted connection to the Force; by using Force Crush on the man. Locked in a moment of the pain of losing his family and this visceral display of horror, it was only stopped with Plo Koon stepping in, blocking out the view of it and talking him down. And Raiden snapped out of it, paralyzed with fear over what he had done. Due to the extreme circumstances and his displayed power in the Force, Plo Koon decided it was best to bring him back to the Jedi Temple.

After convening with the Council about what to do with him, Plo Koon informed him that he would be allowed into the Temple as a youngling of the order, and Raiden accepted, starting his long journey of repressing feelings of anger and sadness over the loss of his family.

His time at the Jedi Temple, however, seemed to do the young boy very well. He learned quickly, diving deep into the Archives in search of knowledge about the Jedi Order, about the galaxy, about everything he could learn about. In lightsaber combat, he held up well, favoring Form IV Ataru due to his burgeoning talent for speeding himself up with the Force. However, this progress didn't come without worry from his masters. For where he delved deep into studies, he sometimes delved too deep, finding information not always meant for a youngling's eyes to see. In lightsaber combat, while he excelled in the highly acrobatic form, his intensity in combat was cause for concern. The darkness that had dug into him that day on Brentaal IV was still deep inside him, seeping out when he focused too much on a goal in front of him. What alleviated those concerns was the visible effort he made to stop it. He was walking a wire, and somehow keeping his balance despite his young age. He would lean too far in one direction but always right his course again not moments later.

After training for a long time, Raiden eventually attained the rank of Padawan, despite not having been picked by a master. However, the celebration was short lived, as on his first day as a Padawan, seven unknown Force Users had appeared at the Temple, demanding information. However, demands soon turned to lightsabers igniting, and Raiden was forced to defend himself. That day felt like a week for him, as he fought for his life against Force users far above his league. But he stuck to his training, remaining on the defensive, regardless of his fighting style. Regardless of that burrowing urge to strike back. This led him to the planet of Anaxes and the Republic outpost on the planet, as him along with several other Jedi pursued the fleeing Force users. During this trial by fire for him, he got to know a Jedi Knight at the order by the name of OiiShadow. The two of them seemed to always find each other in times of distress. When the dark Force users appeared at the Temple. When the CIS forces started an attack on the Republic base. When the dark side Force users returned again. Through it all, the two stayed together, the Knight being there to guide the young Raiden, and Raiden to protect the Knight with what knowledge and skill he had.

However, the situation was eventually under control, and the Padawan and Knight returned to the Temple. They talked about the rather ridiculous first day Raiden had had, and their opinions on the war, along with a fellow padawan by the name of Arowin Judiceas. This is where Raiden expressed his wish to take the path of a Jedi Shadow. And he knew why he felt pulled there. For someone to toil with the Dark Side at such a young age was by no means good, but Raiden thought the only way he could find a way to truly understand the power he had tapped into that day, was to follow a path where he could study it, more so than he could now as a Padawan. But for the moment, he felt content, spending his time in the Archives of the Jedi, and trying the understand the great mystery of the Force, while again and again being pulled to Anaxes, assisting the valiant clone troopers in the name of the Republic.



In the waning year of the Clone Wars, Raiden was sent to Kashyyyk to assist the 41st Elite Corps with their protection of the planet. Alongside Master Luminara and Grandmaster Yoda, they and clones faced off against the enormous army that had assembled to take the planet. However, their efforts were soon stopped as he could feel a massive shift in the Force. Soon enough, his own troopers turned on him. Raiden defended himself to the best of his ability, slaying both Separatist droids and clones alike in great numbers, before he eventually felt a blaster be put to his head. While he was immensely fast with the help of the Force... he was exhausted. And he knew that he couldn't escape the bolt that would soon end him. He shut off his lightsaber, it's mint green blade fading one last time. He took a look at who had stopped him. And the clone was familiar to him. Their blue pauldron. The ARF helmet using the 41st's camouflage pattern. And particular blaster that was against his head. One he had once recovered. CT-6014, nicknamed... Lightning. He closed his eyes. He had faced down many enemies at this point in his life. Sith. Droids. Beasts... himself. He took a last breath, embracing his end. And soon enough, a blaster bolt was fired. As such ends the tale of Raiden Falconer.