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Jedi Sage Louie Baggins


Mar 20, 2020
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Jedi Knight Sage Louie Baggins Is a very well known Jedi on anaxes shipyard and in the jedi order, but however he is the only person that with holds such force powers and knowledge Like the rest of the jedi order have seen, he is skillful when it comes to leadership and planning to strike and also when it comes to defending his jedi home temple, everyone in the temple trust him and be friends with him. he is very well to get along to and is you ask him about knowledge with the force and how things work in the temple, he can answer in polite manner and how can obatin knowledge. He mostly meditates in the outside temple gardens to feel the life and the light in the force around him and looking into archives to study strange acts that felt unease in the force.

The story of the journey Louie Baggins Before louie baggins became an well known sage in the order he was a Zabrak Youngling during the time, his family was born on tython but wanted to move to more colorful but peaceful, they have moved to Naboo to become Historians and want learn other historys about past present and future. Louie Baggins found some old books in very end corner of a libaray that their family have bought his feeling to them lead to jedi history but the most of the pages were torn but left word of "sage" be became felt something odd with him, he knock a shelf and one book feel but as he reach for that book he some how levitate the book in mid air. He tells his parents about this werid act so his parents comms to the jedi order, he was old enough to set foot on the different path but what jedi order told the young one to leave the family behind and forget them they were their on Naboo as it will cloud his mind and judgement.

He began to set foot on to the jedi temple Grounds but he aint going to crousaunt he is going to temple that is close to a republic military ground called "anaxes Shipyard" he was introduce to a jedi that wore white robes, this jedi talkkign to louie is a sage and told him about them. he got his answer from old text book that was left on Naboo so he began to study in the jedi temple close to anxes shipyard in the anaxes temple archives

when louie baggins grown into his teenage age he meet a person thats a officer to a branch called "327th" and battalion that negotiate hostages and helps people here on anaxes he is a jedi but as a consular that holds same role as 327th he took him as a padawan and trains Louie to become a more peacekeeper without activate a lightsaber and so the master tell the padawan Louie Baggins the ways to talk peace to people and no harm to them. then came his time to his final test...the test to become a jedi knight of the order

The day was the day for Louie Baggins he studied and tought and ready to face the three steps of becoming a knight of the order when he was int he room with 10 padawans he was the first up to take big challenge he remeber the code very well and went in a sim then came out alive and well then he waitied for others to finish so while he waited he meditatied in the room with others then came the second step as the master who hosted the trials called Ki adi mundi he left the second step to another white robe person call Master Rhinoz an excellent healer and a general in his 74th medical battalion with such excellent talents he became test our answer we have giving him then finally the time was right eeveryone who survived and passed the trials all of them including Louie baggins have now earn the rank of jedi knight.

after the the celebrations on welcoming the new jedi to the order, master rhinoz has taken me to make a new path of consular, louie baggins who become a knight agree to take the trial of becoming a consular a peacekeeper of the order to that after the trials he is now consular but closer to a what they called a sage.

After obatining the role of consular and have done first missions of two situation and earn his honor to the order he was ready to taken part of become a sage but ki adu mundi was busy on a mission on the different galaxy so Louie waited and meditate and study in the archives to be ready for what he wanted to become a "sage" so ki adi mundi send an another master who also knew the sage very well her is master adi Gallia and can hold trials while he was ready to enter they call him in to begin his test of his will and understand and he meaning of the jedi code he finally made he test was fulfilled and when she finally called louie baggins a jedi sage of the order and second one after him.

he his finally becamewhat he is, his journey was far but great he now made friends, discover and learn more in the force found interesting artifacts and crafting new things for his lightsaber this is story...the story of Louie Baggins the sage.



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Mar 21, 2020
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and off course his padawan: Ben,


CloneWarsRP Staff
Mar 23, 2020
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Okay wow, super detailed I can see you in the character as well nice job!