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Cipher (187th)

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May 19, 2020
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Name/Rank: Sergeant Cipher
Unit: 212th Battalion (previous 187th)
Sub-Class: Heavy Lead

Cipher is a hardened clone from his brief time with the retired 187th battalion. Going into 212th, he has worked hard to go up the ranks in order to lead his fellow troopers into battle without reckless tactics that the jedi employ and clone commanders grow used to. Cipher's view on clones is that of expendable soldiers yet he believes that they are a resource not to be expended lightly and does anything to keep clones around him alive, more for strategic reasons than personal attachments. While Cipher does get along with other clones, his intentions remain to win the war without unnecessary bloodshed. Even though he respects the Jedi and their power, he isn't fond of their tactics that put the lives of his men in certain danger. His tactics end up being very rogue like and what he defines as "by the books". Not all troopers appreciate his tactics but quite a few see the advantages they may have. He is close associates with Jedi Marin Sharr with how alike their goals are but butt heads with their morals and values.

(Cipher's helmet concept design shown below)

Name: Marin Sharr
Affiliation: Jedi Order
Race: Quarren in server (supposed to be a Mon Calamari)

Marin grew up with a bit of a dissociative view of the Jedi Code and feels troubled by what the Jedi distinguish between being good and evil. To overcome his troubles, he has dedicated his life to learning the art of healing using the force and has a personal attachment to the clones he fights besides. He values the lives of others a lot and is aware of the stigma that jedi have among some clone battalions. He makes it his personal goal to break that stigma and prove to the troopers that the jedi can be counted on to save lives. He works with Cipher to protect clone lives however their differences in values and morals often clash with each other, Cipher disapproving of Marin's personal attachments while Marin tries to convince Cipher to open up more often. The two have a mutual respect for each other however.

With recent developments on Anaxes, Marin has been drawn into the clutches of the dark side due to his general innocence making trauma from war too much to handle for him. After a chance encounter with Darth Biggie, Marin's confidence has shattered and he became vulnerable enough for dark siders following Darth Biggie to lure him into a trap and convert him to the dark side. Marin is currently under heavy torture by the DFU in order to fully convert him to the dark side. He will return soon and it will not be a pretty sight for the Republic.

Name: R3-11 (PKed)
Unit: Repcomm and Shock
Specialties: Interrogation

R3-11 is an astromech with prototype interrogation programming developed in a shock laboratory on Coruscant. Although he is able to perform the same functions as any standard repcomm droid, R3's programming gives him a nasty temper and tendency to show a sadistic nature towards anyone he doesn't answer to. He often calls others meatbags and threatens them if they get too close to him. He isn't afraid to be out on the frontlines next to troopers rather than staying in the safety of the command bridge. Unfortunately, his behavior does not give him the best reputation around clone troopers, however Repcomm and Shock seem to admire his unrelenting personality.

Name/Rank: CT Bot

While he appeared briefly on base, Bot serves as a delivery personnel for the republic and was responsible for delivering R3-11 to the Anaxes base. Bot prefers his simple role in the Grand Army of the Republic rather than being on the frontlines as a trooper. He often gets bullied by other clones for his cowardice in battle and general meakness. Bot however cares little for it and focuses on his job. He does not respond well to being in the middle of a battlefield.

Name: Reko Jenesse
Affiliation: Jedi Order
Battalion: 74th
Race: Human

Reko is a close friend of Marin's from their padawan days, however he has spent much of his years in the outer rim. He was taken there by his jedi master who disappeared around the same time as the start of the clone wars, leaving Reko to fend for himself in the lawless and poor conditions of the outer rim. Reko has managed to survive so far and developed a more worldly lifestyle to fit that of the outer rim but has regained contact with the Republic and Jedi order in recent years. Reko was sent to Anaxes by the Jedi order after Marin was taken by dark siders, and is spending his first true days within the war. He has a quirky and witty boastful personality and will often mention his misadventures within the outer rim. He is known for disregarding some rules of the Jedi Order due to his lifestyle changes and even sneaks out to public cantinas to drink while looking to pick up any useful information.


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