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    POLICE ROLEPLAY 5/7/2019 Police May now impound vehicles The max fine is 10k they may set You have to visit the car dealer to pay the fine before you can spawn that vehicle Police can now tell you to pull over by pressing T ( Officers make sure to Re-bind the new advert menu ) New Advert Menu When you press T, you can use default adverts. All adverts used on the server is listed there. You can customize your adverts to your liking by right clicking the button and adding your own message and chat parsers. You can also rebind the default key to open the menu at the very top of it New Chatbox Design This design has a better font and is much more readable Simple Refund System If the server crashes or restarts unexpectedly you can instantly receive a refund upon rejoining for the weapons you had out and entities you have bought in the F4 menu ( Soon we will add our own code to make this more advance as if you are growing drugs and the server crashed it will give you the money you would have got from the drug dealer For now it just refunds placed items and weapons ( You also only have 24 hours after the server has crashed request the refund back for that session ) Cartel now has vehicles again Fixed Mini-Map Icons Fixed Casino Safe-Zone Fixed Police Pull Over Warning to work at a longer Distance Disabled C menu for TFA weapons ( Players need to see inventory instead of seeing weapon stats ) Chop-Shop has new location for selling stolen Vehicles Look on mini-map for a small bomb img Cartel Leader now needs another Cartel Member with him to Press E and rob a player Cartel Vehicles are added back Casino Black Jack and Roulette is added back Stacker is added back for VIPs Smart Weld is added back for VIPs Remove Playable Piano Please message me if you find anything wrong with this update. Comment what you think about the update here.
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    Very noice I like the advert thing
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    #FuckThePiano Good work boys, really nice update
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