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Jason Wolf

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  1. Jason Wolf

    Looks great! Good luck with the contest! Question: Can this be collaborative or does it only have to be one person working on it?
  2. Jason Wolf

    Feels kinda weird having a Minecraft update log, but sure lol. Nice update :ok_hand:
  3. Jason Wolf

    OwO, lookin' good *wink* *nudge* I feel disgusting after typing that...
  4. Jason Wolf

    How about we give good feedback like the others and not create a toxic situation. If i have to hide another comment, I swear to lord. ANYWAYS, thanks for the update Val!
  5. Jason Wolf

    Not gonna get an update until 2020 #GangShit
  6. Jason Wolf

  7. Santos is already realistic enough. We don't wanna go TOO real since everyone is fortnite dancing and shit in real life.
  8. Can't wait to kill some kid on Police and dance on their dead fuckin body that I am clearly going to disrespect.
  9. Jason Wolf

    Hooray! Also
  10. Jason Wolf

    FINALLY, now I can actually drive without the fear of hitting a pebble.
  11. Jason Wolf

    Fantastic, thanks Val!
  12. Jason Wolf

    Yesss, craftable weapons ❤️
  13. Jason Wolf

    Just don't necropost so I don't have to give out warning points ❤️
  14. Jason Wolf

    Instead of Necroposting from a month old server update which also bumps it to the top of the forums, why not just PM him yourself or go under the PoliceRP section and ask. Or go around the Teamspeak and ask some of your fellow staff members or Server Managers that are always eager to help their staff in any matter possible and to make your exerpience as a staff member better in a way that you want to stay and strive to be better. Sorry, I like to run on a lot. You get the point.
  15. Jason Wolf

    Thank you guys for the update! Love the Xan Drug process! Don't really like the price flux though. Current problems that I am aware of: Mods can pick up Server Manager and higher Current ranks that can't view logs (That I am aware of): Admin and any rank higher
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