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  1. Savage

    I dreamed of having this server.
  2. [Additions] New Cotton System We completely re-worked the cotton system to be much more user friendly. [Fixes] Mining System Fixed the where the rocks did not spawn properly.
  3. Savage

    Inactive says the one that got off 2 hours before we were done. You didn't do anything but mini map work nigga, out my face.
  4. Savage

    @Squidy Actually when we set it up last night, its looking pretty promising. @[TSSM] nckvitro and as for that, yes it has been removed, it is NOT broken it's REMOVED. As to why I can talk to you later when I'm back at my PC.
  5. PoliceRP Changelog for April 13th, 2018 [Added] New Map - Rockford (rp_rockford_v2b) - If missing a custom car dealer, please private message Sgt.Val on the forums. Please message me if you find anything wrong with this update. Comment what you think about the update here.
  6. Savage

    Fixed. @TerabiteGames
  7. Savage

    Talk somewhere else
  8. Savage

    Yeah you promised bitch
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