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  1. NewaZusa

    Bro @Sgt.Val You want one of Defcon's OG Fire Chiefs back to take charge of the department?
  2. NewaZusa

    You don't say
  3. NewaZusa

    Well, shit, I guess it's time to record for sure just to see who the real corrupt officers are. I am not saying that I like the update, all I am saying is that I can see the cons to this update
  4. NewaZusa

    @Sour I Literally have to scroll to the right to "Submit Reply" when in the old theme, it was just sitting right there
  5. NewaZusa

    Is it possible to "thin" this theme and not make it look like it should be on "My 600 lb Life"? My monitor is already wide as it is
  6. NewaZusa

    Doesn't work unless im somehow doing it wrong Edit: NVM, only works when you're on the citizen job.
  7. NewaZusa

    Does this work with Police playermodels so that all of us do not look like old men?
  8. NewaZusa

    Are you talking about setting warrants through the laptops inside the PD or setting warrants through the police cars?
  9. NewaZusa

    It's in the warehouse at the beach
  10. NewaZusa

    Where is it located?
  11. NewaZusa

    Can we PLEASE add this to Santos?
  12. NewaZusa

    Yeah, I don't record as often as I should when i'm on the server. I normally record whenever I know shit is going to go down & somebody (you know who you are) is going to break the rules & complain/cry when they get banned. (I still don't know why I don't see 15 abuse reports on me, LOL)
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