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  1. Lekra

    I haven't got on yet but did the map change like are there new roads and stuff
  2. Spur tell me they don't release stuff midway kn the day They do it at 4 am to 6 am so I'm guessing not However sour said I was suppose to come out today or thats what he told me
  3. So is it not coming out today
  4. what will the santos update come out @Dab @Sgt.Val
  5. Lekra

    @Sour did you fix the drops that now people with spaces in there can get it such as Smod Sa Sm Ss CM AD Can now get two crates a day instead of 1
  6. Lekra

  7. Lekra

    I used to be SA on purge @lil robbie
  8. Lekra

    @Dylan! just keep your word to your self. He is posting his opinion so just leave him alone. Why do you even care. You try to act mature but your not, you get frustrated about what others say about digital server. Please just stop I know you like to argue and being an ass to people but honestly just stop. I am not trying start to an agreement or a war myself I'm just standing up for mezzo. So Dylan STFU. @michael mezzo go head post your opinion.
  9. Lekra

    Bring back the amount of terrorist because always terrorist attacks are more then one of them. Like the Boston bombing it was 2. make it three again and may add a asamu bin ludin class @Sour @Dab
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