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Dimitri Petrenko

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  1. Dimitri Petrenko

    Dimitri Petrenko

  2. Dimitri Petrenko

    901 Shelby Drive
  3. Dimitri Petrenko

    Add rules to tax collector job?
  4. Dimitri Petrenko

    I thought it was 2018???
  5. Dimitri Petrenko

    Sherman a couple months ago told all staff members they could not have over 20 million because the economy of the server was screwed
  6. Dimitri Petrenko

    Bless So with the new item shop can staff members have more than 20 million now because one of the items is 33 million
  7. Dimitri Petrenko

    Bob Booty the arsonist
  8. Dimitri Petrenko

    The only reason slaverp is up is because the Gmod community is racist and would donate to the server.
  9. Dimitri Petrenko

    -1 This is what people see when they join defcon's slaverp? A kkk member burning Slaves?
  10. Dimitri Petrenko

    The permissions are all messed up for every rank and the tool gun doesn't work.
  11. Dimitri Petrenko

    It's really annoying when responding to calls because it tends to bring you to the hill.
  12. Dimitri Petrenko

    Add something where the gangs must pay a small price to remove things from the gang locker. I understand they paid for the items but the value of life decreases when they can just run back up there and get more guns. Maybe something where you have a limited supply of guns.
  13. Dimitri Petrenko

    this update makes me moist
  14. Dimitri Petrenko

    People had too much money in the casino, and the roulette made people really rich.
  15. Dimitri Petrenko

    I leik it
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