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  1. leewilken

    Very noice, when you say large following on respective social media, what is large?
  2. leewilken

    lmfao dab to good
  3. leewilken

    I might actually get back on a Resource pack sound cool as fuck, very nice
  4. leewilken

    +1 the stuff u make is lit
  5. leewilken

    @Sgt.Val that would be great for Wild West, to show people what each job does
  6. leewilken

    very cool
  7. leewilken

    *Announcement* PoliceRP now has the same system as purge and what that means is I will be making a "org application". so I will post a link for that here but a min of 5 people will have to comment on it. as well as this slave has been really low in pop this past week and I would like all GW members get on slave at some point even if your from police or Santos you will get a whitelist to the class if you have any questions put them below
  8. leewilken

    very noice
  9. leewilken

    Hello Grim Wolves members, if you do not have your whitelist on any of the servers comment your steam id and we will whitelist you,
  10. welcome all Grim wolves from all servers, if you don't mind could you comment what group you are from. I would just like to see how many active forums members we have
  11. your profile song lmfao

    1. Brass


      Only the best in Australia

  12. leewilken


  13. leewilken

    You work at a shity excuse for a burger joint
  14. leewilken

    Happy New Year
  15. leewilken

    Very nice
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