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  1. MaJesticLion

    I know its not any of the servers but this shit hella funny to me
  2. MaJesticLion

    @Sour bet let me get that sour mask
  3. MaJesticLion

    When is that going to be
  4. MaJesticLion

    Can we have this in Santos?
  5. MaJesticLion

    Highkey pretty dope update, love the new guns but can you add the ammo for our new guns in our lockers (RPK Ammo,M4 Ammo)
  6. MaJesticLion

    Bro we got slaves to buy like 100k doritos and sell them but we all got tired and stopped at like 20k
  7. MaJesticLion

    [Change] [Staff on Duty Player Model] When is slave going to get a staff on duty?? We really need it. @Sgt.Val
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